Use you sense of Taste to feel Lighter

When you imagine future success or remember a pleasant experience or go on a journey of relaxation with hypnotherapy all your senses are called on to make the positive experience come to life and yes you can feel lighter

Boost Your Mood Through Smell

Boost Your Mood Through Smell. The power of your sense of smell is often overlooked. Boost Your Mood Through Smell. The power of our sense of smell is often overlooked find out how to make the most of this super power.

6 Ways To Stay Sane

6 Ways to Stay Sane: 6 Ways to stay sane – Welcome to my, by no means exhaustive, list. Alternatively titled 6 Ways to Stay Sane (enough!) We are all human and hypnotherapists face the same emotional challenges in life as everyone else. The...
Breathe for Calmness

Breathe for Calmness

Breathe for Calmness. There’s no simpler way to start getting a handle on your emotions than using your breathing. It’s accessible and requires no specialized equipment! When I mentioned the stoic principle of the only things in our control are what we think and how we react to someone recently, they came back with “I can’t control my thoughts! Who can?”. The answer is everyone, it just takes practice.

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