Increase Your Energy

Increase Your Energy


Increase Your Energy. With so many demands on our time it’s good to know there’s simple solutions that can help. I hope you’ll find some of the idea below helpful.

 1. Breathe, The easiest place to start. How we breath affects how we feel. Deep breathing from your belly increases oxygen flow all around your body. Make sure your posture is open and comfortable.

 Breathe in deeply through your nose to the count of 7, then breathe out through your mouth for a count of 7. Repeat 10 times. You’ll feel fresher.

increase your energy

2. Exercise. especially when you’re tired will increase your energy levels. You’ll get better sleep! Which can build up to more daytime energy. Any exercise or movement will do.


3. Eat well. Not skipping meals. Eating plenty of fruit and vegetables and portion control will help keep your blood sugar and energy levels stable throughout the day. After a few days/ weeks you’ll start to notice the difference.

Eat Your Way to Better Sleep (

increase your energy

Increase Your Energy

4. Rest. A break will refresh and recharge your mind and make getting bac to the to do lists etc. much easier. Meditation, hypnotherapy arts and crafts, choose something you enjoy that allows your mind to switch off. Maybe nothing at all?


5. Lessen Stress. Stress makes us tired. It’s all the external roles and responsibilities we juggle that create stress. Time management and planning will go a long way to help reduce stress. Focus your mind on what is going on in the present, not what went on in the office. Make sure you’ve scheduled a bit of downtime between appointments/ meetings.  


Lessen Stress with Critical Thinking (

increase your energy

6. Mind who you spend time with. Trust your instincts, not only the people who seem to drain you but the ones that seem “off” though you can’t quite put your finger on it. Maybe you have heard of them referred to as emotional vampires, they will reduce your energy.

6 Steps to No Drama and How Hypnotherapy Can Help | Welcome Hypnotherapy


7. Self-care. Look after your emotional, mental and physical health. Seek out support and talk to friends and family. How well you take care of yourself has a big impact on your energy levels. Our minds and bodies are intertwined. Thinking positively will help you feel more optimistic and keep your energy levels up.

Increase Your Energy


The ability to top up your energy levels is something we can all work on. Increase your energy by following some or all of the steps above.

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