Lessen Stress with Critical Thinking

Lessen Stress with Critical Thinking


Lessen Stress with Critical Thinking. Critical thinking makes it easier to make the best decisions and choices. It’s knowing all the available facts, weighing them up. It’s not linked to being a critic, in the sense of judging how badly Amber Heard’s Lawyers are doing! (They still might win on a wing and a prayer or technicality). Critical thinking is about look at all angles and ignoring our sometimes-blatant biases. Team Johnny.

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This post is about how to improve the skill of critical, more logical, thinking. This has the bonus of lowering your stress levels.

How to Use Critical Thinking

Lessen Stress with Critical Thinking

Maybe you’d like to take a power nap before you begin?!

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 1. Be objective. By imagining yourself removed from the situation, an observer, you will be less emotional. Negative emotional reactions can be draining and cloud your thinking.


  1. Understand and identify the real problem. Knowing the real problem is the easiest way to come up with solutions.




    Lessen Stress with Critical Thinking

    3. Find multiple solutions! Write them all down and make notes.

    How can you get to this endgame?

    The Pros and Cons of each idea.


    4. Data farm. To find a solution, gather up as much information as you can even opposing opinions and Ideas. Information that will support your solutions and information that doesn’t support them

    5. Analyse. Take what you have gathered in the first 3 steps.

    •  Your problem
    • A list of solutions
    • The info you need to support or oppose each solution.

    Don’t assume anything, take everything into consideration and take your time. Have the evidence to back everything up. This will get easier and easier the more you practice it.


    Lessen Stress with Critical Thinking

    6. Rank your solutions and decide which one is the best. Have a plan of action, figure out the steps you’re going to take. Keeping it simple can be a strength. Be reasonable with whatever you decide.


    7. Do it! Take action. 

    Other Benefits to Using Critical Thinking


    • Looking from different viewpoints widens your perspective.
    • You can mke independent decisions without having to rely on someone else.
    • It acts as healthy exercise for your brain and improves its function.
    • Time management and being able to free up more time becomes easier.

    Lessen Stress with Critical Thinking


    Following these steps will help you use and improve your critical thinking skills. The more you practice the better you will get. You will be able to reap the rewards of better choices and decisions. Taking the emotion out of the problem will decrease your stress levels, help you think more clearly and open up worlds of possibility.





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