How to Improve Your Relationships. 5 Tips on the Art of Listening

How to Improve Your Relationships. 5 Tips on the Art of Listening You often hear the phrase “it’s good to talk” but to listen and be listened to is important for our mental health. Giving someone our attention can mean the world and being listened to is uplifting. Now more that ever in this COVID … Read more

6 Ways to Motivate Yourself after Lockdown

    Let’s face it, life’s different! It’ll take some adjusting to the effects of lock down and its easing. I’m sure you had and are having your own personal and unique challenges. What now? Looking for work? Returning to work?  back to the balancing child care act… Are you kicking and screaming at having … Read more

14 Weight Management Tips for Lockdown

14 weight -management-tips

I recently did a small twitter poll asking what’s your biggest self-isolation challenge? Overeating came out top. I asked around and eating too much, too often and all the wrong stuff was also the biggest issue. I want to take a look at: Why we do it; 14 Tips for Change and How Hypnotherapy Can … Read more

6 Ways to Stay Sane

  Welcome to my, by no means exhaustive, list. Alternatively titled 6 Ways to Stay Sane (enough!) We are all human and hypnotherapists face the same emotional challenges in life as everyone else. The goal is not necessarily to be zen like and permanently calm. No one is perfect, to keep trying, growing, learning and … Read more

6 Steps to No Drama and How Hypnotherapy Can Help

    Want to live a life with more ease, resourcefulness and joy? Before getting to our 6 steps. It’s important to recognise: How Excessive Drama Affects Us How Drama is created What we can do about it The no no list The 6 steps to saying “no” to drama How hypnotherapy can help How … Read more

Introvert in an extrovert world?

  Do you recharge your batteries alone? or in company? Scientists suggest that this is now the fundamental difference betweeen establishing where you are on the introverted / extroverted scale. But humour me? Do you experience such a rich inner world that you are perfectly happy in your own company? Are you ever chastised for … Read more