Breathe for Calmness

Breathe for Calmness


Breathe for Calmness. There’s no simpler way to start getting a handle on your emotions than using your breathing. It’s accessible and requires no specialized equipment! When I mentioned the stoic principle of the only things in our control are what we think and how we react to someone recently, they came back with “I can’t control my thoughts! Who can?”. Everyone can it just takes practice.


Hypnotherapy is an excellent tool for learning how to relax and getting a handle on things such as repetitive thoughts. If you aren’t at that stage yet, then using your breathing can have surprising results. Your biology affects how you feel. How you feel affects how you think.

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Overwhelming Emotions


All emotions are valid. They are not in themselves positive or negative. It’s what we do with them that counts. The more stress and anxiety we’re dealing with the more likely we are to react in an angry/ anxious or depressive way. Interrupting the cycle of adding more and more to your load is another benefit of hypnotherapy, A quick way to help you cope without sessions is learning to control your breathing. Learning how to move with ease through situations that might trigger your fight flight or freeze response are great skills to build.


Breathe for Calmness

Breathe for Calmness


Here are some simple breathing exercises you can use to feel better, control those panicked or worried thoughts and ultimately react in a more constructive way, have a good upright posture when you’re doing these breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth and you’ll feel the benefits even more.


  1. Breathe in for count of 7 and out for a count of 11. One of my favorites that I come back to again and again. Any time you breathe out longer than you breathe in is very relaxing. You can play around with the count, prepare to relax.


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Breathe for Calmness

2. Take 10. Take ten long deep breaths. Forget the counting just focus on the deep of your breath and letting it go.

3. Find space to pace. Find a space for yourself and whatever type of breathing you choose, step/ walk as you breathe. Sometimes it’s easier than staying still especially if you’re feeling like you want to escape/ tear into someone.

 4. Go back. Take deep breaths while counting backwards for 10 or 100! Or somewhere in-between. Focusing on the numbers can distract you enough to let stress dissolve. Stop when you feel better, whether its zero or 95.


Breathe for Calmness


You’ll find the pace and control of your breathing can become second nature. During a hypnotherapy session these patterns easily happen through the pace and tone. You can actively listen along, pay rapt attention or drift in and out, which ever you choose will be the correct way for you. Making it easier to use these breathing techniques day to day because you’ve practiced! Consciously or unconsciously. You can give your mind a welcome rest and cope with stress. Stressful things don’t have to colour your whole day. Breathing to remain calm will help you deal with things while they are happening and not have thoughts of them hanging around after. This will help you sleep better. Then you’re off and running because nothing puts things into perspective like a good night’s sleep. It’ll make these simple breathing techniques easier and easier to use and master.

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