Terms & Conditions


Want to get the most out of your therapy? Please take some time to read these terms and conditions. 

Booking and attending a treatment will be taken as proof that you have read, understood and agree with them. Thank you. *

Please note that I am based in Northern Ireland and as such I operate and am  bound by UK law in Northern Ireland.

Hypnotherapy is an enjoyable experience that needs commitment and motivation to get the best results. You agree to engage with the whole process during the session (and afterwards, by listening to the MP3 download each night, but not whilst driving or operating heavy machinery!).

Respect: Good therapy demands mutual respect of personal space, privacy and confidentiality.

Lateness: If you are late, I may not always be able to give you the full session time. If you are running late, please leave a message, or send a text to 07952345840.

Alcohol: Don’t be offended, if you turn up under the influence of alcohol or recreational drugs and I refuse to treat you. Hypnotherapy simply won’t work and you’d not get the results you need.

Cancellations: Where possible please give 24 hours’ notice of any cancellations. If I have to cancel your session I will give as much notice as possible and an opportunity to reschedule.

Contact outside of sessions is usually for rescheduling or cancelling only. If you do need to contact me for any other reason please email only.

Contacting You: If I need to contact you, I will use your preferred method of contact (from your initial consultation). Let me know If your contact details change to avoid confusion over session dates and times.

I reserve the right to end the session/ refuse any future sessions if these terms and conditions aren’t met.

Confidentiality please see my Privacy Policy – General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Any information that is collected from you as a potential client or client, including contact details is held in strictest confidence and will not be shared without your permission except: If your GP has to be contacted, in the unlikely event that you at risk of harming yourself or others or for Supervision case studies( as any identifying details are removed).

Sessions and Fees Each standard hypnotherapy session and Initial Consultation lasts 1 hour. Fees are: Initial Consultation £35, Skype /Zoom session £65.  Face to Face Sessions are not currently available.

Payment: PAYPAL  or automatic bank transfer. Payment in advance secures booking and fee is fully refundables if at least 24 hrs notice of cancellation given.

How long does therapy last. Everyone is different so it’s impossible to give an exact number most people on average find 6-8 sessions helpful. Some people 2 or 3!

Online: I am responsible for the online security for Welcome Hypnotherapy only. You as the client have the responsibility to ensure your software/ hardware and connection is secure.

*I reserve the right to amend these Terms and Conditions at any time.

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