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About Me –  Janet Adams


I was born and live in Belfast, Northern Ireland. I’ve been successfully using hypnosis for many years, navigating my own life challenges. The natural progression for me came with the thought “If I can make myself feel this good, then I should help other people to feel the same!” I enrolled in CPHT – Clifton Practice Hypnotherapy Training (considered the Gold Standard in hypnotherapy studies) and completed over 400 hours of study and sessions before graduating.

In 2019 I was proud to open my own practice as a fully qualified, fully insured Clinical Hypnotherapist. It was not long after that I made the  switch to exclusively seeing clients online. With the same great results.

I am a Member of

  • The Asociation for Solution Focused Hypnotherapy , and
  • The Complimentary and Natural Healthcare Council.

I adhere to their codes of professional conduct and confidentiality. My passion for hypnotherapy makes the requirement for continued professional development a pleasure. I look forward to events and courses that keep me up to date with the latest practices.

Using tools backed by neuroscience I help my male and female clients learn to:

  • Cope with stress and anxiety
  •  Sleep better
  • Identify and work towards their goals.
  • Empower them to live the life they want.

Sessions are a confidential and safe space. Presenting a rare opportunity to be open and frank without fear of judgement.


Hypnotherapy Focuses Your Attention

Hypnotherapy is specifically designed with a goal in mind, a purpose.

Hypnotic Trance

Trance quietens the busy mind and in this state of relaxation you mind can wander. There is no need to remain hooked on every word. The relaxed mind can filter what is useful or relevant to its unique needs and purpose.

Trance is a very normal state of mind. We go in and out of it many times a day, while driving/ engrossed in a  movie etc. While in trance you are creating new neural pathways in the brain to change unhelpful behaviours, habits and has even proved to be very effective in pain management. See article below about The Liege Hospital in Belgium’s use of hypnosis since 1992.



Isn’t it Just a Modern Fad?

It’s only the term hypnosis that is relatively modern. Accessing the health benefits of trance  has had deep roots throughout human history. (eg the Sleep Temples of Ancient Egypt- 4000 years ago).

In he trance state, No matter what your goal, your intellectual mind is rested and made able to solve problems. It lessens the “white noise” brain chatter that we can experience just living our daily lives.

Like the scientist absorbing himself with something else to come up with solutions to something else entirely.

Who wouldn’t what to access and learn to take charge of their very own problem-solving machine!?

Hypnotherapy – All emotions are valid but some learned behaviours and habits are unhelpful and can be changed. Create new neural pathways today! ask me how..

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