5 Tips for Finding Balance


5 Tips for Finding Balance


5 tips for5 tips for finding balance. What does work life balance mean to you? it’s an attractive goal for most people. Do you find it difficult to link balance with working for success, maybe you feel you have to work a 60-hour week without time for much else?  Fine if you and your loved ones are happy, go for it!


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Emotional balance will help in all areas of your life and make achieving that work life balance easier. Here are some ideas for making those wishes come true.


5 Tips for Finding balance

5 Tips for Finding Balance




1. Time


Not enough of it? Take time to look at what you spend your time on each week. You can transform a to do list by taking a new perspective.

Prioritize As per Stephen Covey and his “Seven Habits of Highly Effective People” sort things into 4 categories. Important urgent, important non urgent, unimportant urgent and last but by all means least unimportant – non urgent.


Make time count for those important urgent things. Which includes stuff you do just because you enjoy it!

2. Live


Think of the time you waste being passive. Maybe it’s Netflix marathons, anything where you become disconnected for a long time. Nothing burns time more than not being aware of e=where you are, what you can see, taste and smell in the real world. It’s a factor in over eating, the last Dorito is the tastiest. Of course, a little of what you fancy does do you good but too much and you’ll maybe find yourself wondering where all the time went.


3. Plan


Once you have a clear idea of your time and energy budget you can start to plan your days. To get the most out of them and not have time passively happen to you.


finding balance

4. Energy


Focus on your health. We all have a time budget and an energy budget. Be kind to yourself and rest when you need to. Prioritizing eating well, sleeping well and exercising will help balance everything else.


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finding balance

5. Rear view mirror


Reflect and review, look at what’s working, what makes you happy and rebalance. It’s not like an MOT, it’s not an annual review, it’s a dynamic way to make things better for yourself by recognizing when things need tweaked and believing in yourself, you can do it just look in the rear-view mirror to see how far you’ve come/ how much things have changed. Balance it with realistic expectations, that’s where the time and energy budgets come into their own. Work with what you have. Your own personal blueprint.


finding balance


5 tips for finding balance


Even the smallest step is going to start paying dividends. The more you put these steps into practice the greater your sense of achievement will be. You can build on the wins. Seeing yourself looking forward to the day ahead. Rested and with a plan in hand. You might start to notice all the good things you hear as people start to recognize the changes you’re making. You’ll be easier to live with! You get to decide what you want and create the life you love.



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