You Can change

You Can Change


You can change. If you believe change is possible. There is theory in psychology that there is no fixed you. The debate of nature vs nurture, whether our genes or our environment, make us who we are has been extensively researched. It’s been established that it is a combination of both factors. You can change the place and the people you surround yourself with. You can choose what you listen to, read, watch. You can question cultural norms. Your genetic inheritance may play a part in who you are but you are not fated to be one thing or one way.

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You Can Change

Who are you?

Like most people you probably find there’s a different you depending on where you are and who you are with. Context is everything. Laughing with you wife but a stern boss / an accomplished piano player who feels like a toddler if they try to do the family food shopping. Whatever examples you can come up with that relate to your own life. There’s nothing wrong here. We all have our strengths.

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You Can Change

Why Change?

If your behaviour is causing you problems or distress you might want to change. You will still be you. A more confident, less anxious, better sleeping version of you and hypnotherapy can help you make that change, NOW.

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You Can Change

You can Change

The single biggest thing we can change is our thoughts. Research into the effects of meditation on Buddhist produced evidence that our thoughts can physically transform our brains. Making them more efficient.  

Evan Thompson of University of British Columbia has validated the Buddhist belief of anatta, that nothing is constant, “…from a neuroscience perspective, the brain and body is constantly in flux.” Everything changes through time; you have a constantly changing stream of consciousness.  

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A Little Tip, to Help With Change

Most of us have a constant stream of thoughts flowing through our head. Even if it’s “what a gorgeous dog / I fancy pizza / how am I going to pay this bill? When thoughts become more about the problems of the past and future, they can become overwhelming. Use this little tip to help.

Stop, lol, no that’s not all of it. Just ask yourself “I wonder what my next thought will be?” This acts as a pause. Wondering what your next thought will be is actually replacing an anxious thought. When that next thought pops up, take a look at it and……say “I wonder what my next thought will be.” And so on, until you are calmer. Calmness is a superpower; you can tackle the difficult things here.

You Can Change



You can Change

Ancient wisdom and neuroscience agree, you can change/ are constantly changing. It’s possible to be the person you want to be. It’s easy because all change happens from within.  If you want to change, want to change now and know that it is you that has to make those changes happen? Hypnotherapy is just one of the many tools you can use to help make change easier.

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