8 Ways to Overcome Fear of Change-easily!

The following are my 8 Ways to overcome the fear of change in our lives. But first Let’s imagine there’s something you aren’t happy with. Maybe your job/ relationship or something else. Just picture what it is. You can deal with it by either by accepting it, changing it or leaving it behind.

Thoughts on Change

Actively changing our thoughts, attitudes or situations can seem daunting. It can be very easy to let things continue at their own pace even if you are unhappy. Change brings a lot of unknowns to the table but by using it bad times won’t last!

The fight, flight, freeze response is there for a reason and is useful in an emergency. In the grey area, of non-emergencies, anxiety can trigger all sorts of unhelpful reactions.

Your body kicks in with a response before you’ve blinked.  Firing neurons and releasing chemicals which create emotions. Our emotions lead to thoughts….and that’s where we all can run into trouble. We create anxiety by forecasting the future and going over the past. Anxiety can make us fearful of change.

Managing anxiety helps open us up to finding possibilities/ solutions and overcoming fear.

8 ways to Overcome the Fear of Change

1.Think Positive Thoughts.

When you start working on a change in your life, think it through in a positive way. picture it going right. Motivate yourself to want the change.

2.Write Your Thoughts Down. Writing down your thoughts can be like talking to a close friend. Unburdening yourself can ease your mind. Keeping track of what you are grateful for is also a great way to bring more positivity and clear thinking into your life.



Karl Pilkington on change.

For me, his unique and honest take on life makes everything a bit lighter.

What makes you smile? Laugh? it’s good not to take everything too seriously….

Watch on YouTube

4. Stay in the Present.

Staying in the present moment can help you overcome any fear, by calming you.

Focus only on whatever you are doing at the moment.

5. Learn from Your Past.

Think about some of the past changes you’ve gone through and coped with in your life. You’ll have learned something valuable no matter how things turned out. Write down the skills you used or developed from it.

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6.Break Down the Change.

If you’re planning a big change in your life, it will help to break down the change into a series of smaller steps. It will help you to feel less overwhelmed if you can smoothly move into a change. Set a realistic time scale for finishing each step.

7.The Key to Success

Take your plan and think about what could realistically throw you off course. For each one, write what you will do, e.g.   IF …… HAPPENS ……. THEN……. You’ll ease your fears. You have a backup plan!

8.Try Hypnotherapy! 

We all have triggers, which fire off emotions and create thoughts.Hypnotherapy operates at the level between emotion and thought.   Cut those unhelpful thoughts off at the pass.  Hypnosis really can put you in charge of your thoughts and behaviors.

Change for the Better

Change can be frightening, but if you give yourself ways to overcome the fear, you can find the bravery you need to live the life you want!


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