The Power of Letting Go

The Power of Letting Go


The power of letting go. Letting go of negativity in your mind and body. If you read my post How to Deal with Toxic People ( or came away from a negative situation with an urge to soak in the bath or scrub in the shower or something you think of as cleansing. Congratulations, you are aware of what’s going on around you and inside you and have an idea of what action you want to take to improve things!

Why Let Go?


We Stay Afloat – Let go or be dragged. Let go of the past, We can’t change it. We have survived everything in it and the future is just a dream. Letting go stops us being dragged down by all our why’s, should a, would a could a’s and makes the future a much more colourful place.

We Enjoy What We do have – Let go of being attached to the way things should be, by accepting things the way they are means we can act accordingly. Focus on what you do have, what you can do or be weighed down by our expectations or feelings of lack.

We Become Empowered – Let go of how someone’s actions may have affected us. Empowerment lies in understanding the stoic idea of letting go of what you can’t control. That’s everything apart from our own thoughts and our own actions! What a relief, nothing else stands in our way. Hypnotherapy is ideal for getting you into this balanced position. 

The Power of Letting Go

Letting go is where our power rests. It’s very simple when we avoid unnecessary negativity in life, negative people and negative news. We carry less negativity in our minds and bodies and we feel better. Negativity can be a force to be reckoned with, creating so much stress and tension. Letting it go gives us a chance to focus on the good. Give our attention to the worthwhile and positive things in our life.

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10 Ways to Bring the Sunshine In


1. Focus on yourself – what do you want and what do you need. What makes you glow and what makes you grow. “Do more of what makes you happy.” 

2. Get good at sleep – a lot of pressures disappear when we can start out in the morning refreshed and revitalized.

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The Power of Letting Go 3
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The Power of Letting Go

3. Take accountability – See what is happening as the consequences of our actions. We have the power to change ANYTHING! Why not choose to live in a positive environment with a positive outlook?

 4. Relax – Imagine where do I feel that buildup of tension stress and negativity in my body and mind? What are the physical signs that I am feeling stressed? of course hypnotherapy is excellent for relaxing, but you could also try deep breathing/ meditation or sex, whatever you enjoy! and allow the tension to flow out.

5. Persist – make relaxation a part of each day so you too can say “I know how to relax my mind. I give myself a chance to unwind each day and feel mentally relaxed most of the time. I know how to handle stress and pressure appropriately and effectively.”


6. Self-talk – embrace positivity reject negativity. Notice when you say something negative and then say something good about yourself, anything small will do and make it a habit. How would your life be changed if your self-talk were more positive?

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7. Be it – Be who you want to be, say it like you mean it “I am awesome” “I am resourceful” “I am …” and say it like you believe it! Thanks to Mike Mandel for this. There there is more to learn about the NLP aspect of this and much more at mike mandel – Bing


8. Use Affirmations – Today, I am repelling negativity and stress. I am focusing on positive thoughts. I am giving my time, energy and attention to the positive. I am letting go of all the negativity in my mind and body.

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The Power of Letting Go 7

The Power of Letting Go

9. The Grey Room – The wonderful thing about hypnotherapy is it is not always necessary to know what the problem is. You don’t have to divulge anything that might feel too personal in order for it to work. The Grey Room is a powerful visualization for getting rid of the unwanted without discussing intimate details.


10. Energy Shielding – This can be a strong way to protect you psyche, especially of you are an empath. It involves visualizing getting rid of toxic bonds and residue and surrounding yourself with light and a boundary.

The Power of Letting Go

Look after you like you would the most precious person in the world because you are! Stay clean, eat healthy, exercise and get a good night’s sleep. Build good habits break unhelpful patterns. Letting go will become a real pleasure creating a space for all the good things to thrive.

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