9 Physical Health Benefits of Good Sleep

9 Physical Health Benefits of Good Sleep

A lot of the 9 physical health benefits of sleep here are commonly known however more discoveries about the physical magic of sleep are still coming to light.

As in my blog post https://welcomehypnotherapy.co.uk/simple-steps-to-better-sleep/

The No.1 step to better sleep is to prioritize it. Want to enjoy a better quality of life? In this post I’ll be going through 9 reasons why you might consider giving sleep top ranking.

Lack of good quality sleep sleep deprivation (regularly getting less than 6- or 7-hours sleep) will affect all areas of your life and wellbeing. This post is going to concentrate on the physical effects of poor sleep.  Would you say “I get along on 4 hours just fine!”? Let’s explore what could be happening under the surface.

9 Physical Health Benefits of Good Sleep

9 Physical Health Benefits of Sleep 2

With better sleep you can

Reduce your risk of developing chronic conditions, such as:

1. Alzheimer’s and Demetria. New research suggests that in deep sleep, cerebrospinal fluid flushes out toxins to keep your memory healthy and reduce the risk of these diseases.

 2. Diabetes lack of sleep increases insulin resistance and increase blood sugar to unhealthy levels.

 3. High blood pressure Puts pressure on blood, wessels, heart, eyes and increases your risk of heart disease/ strokes and vascular dementia.

4. Heart Disease – lack of sleep increases heart rate and the release of chemicals which cause inflammation.



Better sleep has day to day consequences for your physical health.

5. Combat Obesity When you don’t sleep you create an imbalance of hormones in your body. There’s a tug of war going on between ghrelin (which makes you hungry and Leptin (which makes you feel full).

Maintaining a healthy weight lowers your risk of High Blood Pressure, Diabetes and Heart Disease Why not read https://welcomehypnotherapy.co.uk/14-weight-management-tips-for-lockdown-2/  for some ideas on weight management.

6. Improve Immune system function This is lowered when you don’t sleep well and you may find you get sick more easily and more often. Sleep gives the body time to restore cells and strengthen the immunity barrier.

7. Better Healing If you’re recovering from an injury or even a workout. Then your body needs sleep for growth and repair.

8. Less sensitive to pain. Whether from a headache all the way to chronic pain, quality sleep is likely to increase your pain tolerance.

9. Beat Fatigue.

Obvious one! Fatigue, apart from feeling rotten, causes lack of focus and bad decision making. Which can lead to poor choices about what you eat and the amount of exercise you do, both contributing factors in obesity. Not to mention increasing your risk of being involved in an accident at home/work or while driving.


9 Physical Health Benefits of Sleep3

Would you like to sleep better?

Like all goals its best to focus on the long-term benefits over short term desires. Like choosing sleep over watching a box set. It’s all about taking small steps and developing good habits. With this mindset anything is possible!  https://welcomehypnotherapy.co.uk/simple-steps-to-better-sleep/

The restorative power of sleep will help protect you against Alzheimer’s, heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure and obesity. As well as improve your immune function, recovery and focus. So why not give your body the sleep you need to stay healthy and enjoy a better quality of life.

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