4 Easy Pillow Fixes for Sleep Comfort

4 Easy Pillow Fixes for Sleep Comfort

4 Easy pillow fixes for sleep comfort. Your pillow game tips can be found under your favourite sleep position. We all have a favourite way to spend a third of our lives in, don’t we? It’s an individuvial thing and its whatever makes us feel most refreshed and ready to go in the morning  This post is about the pluses and the minuses of different sleep postures. What’s good, how to make them more comfortable and some suggestions for the curious what it might say about your personality.

The practical…. Get a really comfortable head pillow at all costs and extras for aligning that skeleton if you happen to suffer from injury or chronic pain. Please be aware that cuddling has not been factored in in this instance…




4 Easy Pillow Fixes for Sleep Comfort

4 Easy Pillow Fixes for Sleep Comfort 2

Side Sleeper

You might get extra wrinkles but it helps ease snoring. Left side helps with better digestion and less heartburn   Right side more positive for alleviating heart discomfort and shortness of breath. The possible downsides tight shoulders and jaw. (And keep those tennis elbows down). A pillow between your calves will help align your hips and improve lower back pain.

Arms out– an ultimately decisive, open-minded cynic

Arms by your side – “sleeping like a log” you roll with life but you’re possibly gullible!

Foetal Position

This is very popular, with women making up 2/3 of the people who choose it.  Great for lower back pain or snorers but unless you’re limber it can eventually lead you to feel quite tight. With possible joint pain or soreness, as well as restricting your deep breathing.  Try extending your legs a little putting a pillow between your knees to ease any discomfort.

Personality: Tough on the outside, soft on the inside.

4 Easy Pillow Fixes for Sleep Comfort 3

Back sleepers

Very healthy, your spine is naturally aligned and gravity helps knees and hips feel better by reducing unnecessary pressure as well as keeping your face fresher. A pillow under your knees can increase the benefits.  It’s not ideal if you have already got back pain, sleep apnoea or snore a wedge pillow might help encourage you to sleep on your side.

Personality:  Introverted with high moral standards.

4 Easy Pillow Fixes for Sleep Comfort 4

Stomach sleepers

if you happen to sleep in this position then a pillow under your hips might help reduce the strain on your muscles, joints and skeleton. It might help with snoring and sleep apnoea but it but can cause a lot of neck and back pain. Try no or a thin pillow under your head.

Personality: Extroverted and good under pressure.

4 Easy Pillow Fixes for Sleep Comfort 5

Your sleep position is not something you can/have to change but if in doubt why not SLEEP LIKE A MARINE!!



4 Easy Pillow Fixes for Sleep Comfort

Your sleeping position if your lucky enough to have no illness or injury may have never given you pause for thought. But there are ways to improve comfort (pillow-based advice!). With our bodies and minds making up our “complete package” and body language being mirrored in the way we choose to nod off, it’s not too much of a stretch to think that sleep position might say something about our personalities too….


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