6 Simple Brain Hacks to Improve Sleep

6 Simple Brain Hacks to Improve Sleep


6 Simple Brain Hacks to Improve Sleep. If you find you don’t have enough mental stimulation during the day. You could find it as difficult to sleep. Boredom can contribute to insomnia as you don’t feel the need to sleep. We all know that exercising contributes to good sleep. But you may find that even if your body’s tired your mind hasn’t quite caught up!

To exercise your brain, you need to do something different. Most of our lives we run on repetitive subconscious patterns.  Routines can be great; they take the energy out of decision making and give us a platform to build on for success.


BUT it’s not just use it or lose its use it and improve it! For brain a workout we need to do something that’s new/ fun and engaging. Here’s some suggestions to help you get back into synch come bed time.


6 Brain Hacks to Improve Sleep

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Simple Ways to Challenge Your Brain

1. Brush your teeth with your opposite hand. If you’ve ever tried brushing/ combing your hair on a non-mirrored zoom call, you’ll appreciate just how discombobulating this can be.

2. Eat something New! When’s the last time you tasted something for the first time? How many delicious food shots/ recipes have you seen online?



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3. Learn something New. Like how to Blog with DIVI builder! Caution it can become addictive. Online learning is accessible and wide ranging. There is something out there just waiting for you. Learn to play guitar or a second language, whatever you can imagine loving to learn. With restrictions lifting there might even be some face-to-face courses running in your area. How’s that for a novel experience.

4. Start a new hobby. Trying a creative new hobby is another way to expand your interests and use your brain to learn something new. Being busy and learning new can act as a natural antidepressant and get you out of a rut.

5. Meditate and mindfulness help us to experience being alive in a different way, like all things on this list, it’s not for everyone. Its simple in that you don’t need any special equipment or anything to get started.

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6. Sudoku / crosswords (how could I not include these and I bet you knew they were coming up!) Logic based puzzles can be an oasis of calm for your mind.

Not for everyone but they are useful for parts of the brain that don’t get a chance to flex in the normal day to day. If you’ve mastered these you can always try cryptic crosswords and killer suduko’s.

If you’ve mastered cryptic crosswords, I salute you, why not try compiling your own?

Why not challenge yourself and see what you can achieve?

I’d love to hear from you if you can add to this list.  Or if you took up a new hobby or mastered a new skill during lockdown?

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Why not change just one thing today to stimulate your brain? Over time you’ll find your more adaptable and with the bonus of not feeling like every day is Groundhog Day. Routines may have many plus points as long as they are healthy ones but breaking out of them will do your brain the world of good.

  Unhealthy routines are a different kettle of fish. Hypnotherapy, is designed to break unhelpful patterns and increase your motivation to change.


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