Sleep Soundly with Hypnotherapy

Sleep Soundly with Hypnotherapy

Sleep Soundly with Hypnotherapy, beat Stress and drift away. This post looks at the 3 most common ways you can have your sleep disrupted by anxiety and stress. Not being able to fall asleep, waking the middle of the night, sleeping too much and how hypnotherapy works to interrupt these patterns.

Trouble Getting to Sleep

Overthinking is the biggest cause of not being able to sleep. Our bodies can be exhausted but our minds can go into overdrive. Stress is our physical reaction to anything that changes our physical, mental balance. Our bodies prepare to deal with a change, threat or challenge. Sometimes we can handle more stress than others but when we can’t cope, we suffer from anxiety. It’s easy to get stuck in a loop. Ruinating about our past mistakes or projecting all the imaginary, negative things that will happen in our future.  

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If your body isn’t tired, you might find falling asleep difficult. From running a marathon to simply moving as much as possible its important to be as physically active as you can be, without overdoing it!  to give you the best chance of falling asleep easily. 

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It’s also important to give your mind a HEALTHY workout too.

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The Stress Bucket


Anxiety is caused by negative thinking. Think of all those coulda, woulda, shoulda’s and what if’s, they are all being noted and stored in a “stress bucket”. REM sleep, to borrow an elegant phrase from a client is “sleep medicine”. Dreaming allows us to take the sting of emotional memories by processing them and storing them in the part of the brain which allows us to have control over them. When you dream, whether it’s seems real or weird you are rerunning events or thoughts about the past or future you had during the day.

Waking in the night


If we put too much into the stress bucket that it will overflow.  AS REM is restricted to about 20% of our sleep patterns. If we try and overdo that then the mind will wake us up. You know when it is your mind waking you up because you wake up wide awake and troubled and often can’t fall back to sleep. The more you have in your bucket, the more time you will spend in your reactive limbic system (primal part of the brain which is hot wired to stay alert in this case) and the more you will be encouraged to be negative and the less sleep you’ll get.

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 Another case of a full stress bucket which takes a great deal of effort to attempt to empty. REM uses a lot of energy in the effort to empty it. If we sometimes overdo it, it’s exhausting.  and you can end up too tired to make an effort or enjoy what normally makes you happy. It can become a vicious circle. In an attempt to empty the stress bucket, we sleep more and more, which makes our depression and anxiety worse and worse.

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How Hypnotherapy Works

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Hypnotherapy works by replicating REM sleep. Then you can concentrate more on the positive things in your life and interrupt unhelpful thought patterns. It helps you see clearly what changes will help you and motivate you to make them and to re-organise your sleep patterns if necessary. The only thing I ask clients to do is to make a commitment to listen to their sleep download each night to reinforce the benefits of each session. I hope you found this post useful.

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