3 Ways to Make Life Easier

3 Ways to Make Life Easier

3 Ways to Make Life Easier. This post looks at positivity’s role in Solution Focused Hypnotherapy, how we use it to encourage serotonin flow, what serotonin does and how this differs from toxic positivity.

In my last post took a look at how we create anxiety. Anxiety can reach levels where our mental health suffers. This affects our sleep which in turn affects our mental health. Breaking out of the loop is key.

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Hypnotherapy is about breaking unhelpful patterns of thought and behaviour on a subconscious level.  So relax.

3 Ways to Make Life Easier

3 Ways to Make Life Easier 2

Positivity in Solution Focused Hypnotherapy

We Hypnotherapists are empathetic and do identify with your struggles and want you to feel connected to and enjoying your life. Although there may be many burdens and obstacles in client’s life’s which deserve respect. We attempt to pierce to darkness so that a stream of light can get in and grow bigger.  We do this by developing a higher more constant flow of serotonin.

How we produce Serotonin

As a throwback to prehistoric times, when our brains where evolving Serotonin provided a way to motivate us and help us cope and this pattern is still within us today.  It was released when we hunted/ gathered, supporting ourselves and families. We survive better as a tribe than as individuals, serotonin is produced when we successfully interact with others. It helped us cope better with physical fear…it made us braver, able to try new challenges and develop. It even helped to cope with physical pain.

3 Ways to Make Life Easier 3

3 Ways to Make Life Easier

Positivity in Solution Focused Hypnotherapy. Taking the lead from our ancestors.  We can produce patterns in the brain that give us that healthy flow of serotonin by:

1. Interacting in a positive way, social support is very important 2-way street.

2. Being active in a positive way, exercise in some form is important for mental and physical health

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3. Thinking in a positive way, paying attention to the good things in our life however small.

Lack of serotonin

When we don’t produce enough serotonin, we get down, depressed and disconnected from our lives. Being stuck here can feel like being trapped down a well. Hypnotherapy offers you a ladder. It can also be interrupted when we’re so anxious that we produce an overload of adrenaline and stress hormones.  Our vital survival mechanisms for coping in an emergency. Hypnotherapy helps the mind to tell the difference between an appropriate and inappropriate response by reducing anxiety to help you think more clearly.

Toxic Positivity

Toxic positivity is corrosive and debilitating. Taking “positive thinking” to its limit with a believe that all experiences can have something positive in them. It can put pressure on us from 2 directions

Internally – trying to pretend to be happy at all costs. Stressing about ignoring/ changing “negative emotions” even if they are a natural human reaction, as when we are grieving.

Externally – Others can attempt to help using this type of thinking. Encouraging people to move on at a fast pace, to look for the positive in tragedy.

It is good to acknowledge and deal with what we as humans go through. All emotions are valid there’s no such thing as a bad emotion. If we never felt justifiably sad/ upset angry or lost we would lose part of what makes us human and we must move through these things at our own pace.  Problems come when we become stuck or lose hope. There is always hope and when you are ready hypnotherapy can help.

3 Ways to Make Life Easier 4


How Hypnotherapy can Help

You can see how hypnotherapy can start getting you back on top of things at your own pace and in your own time. We restrict the amount of unnecessary anxiety you may be carrying, helping you to sleep better and thinking more clearly, we can get you concentrating on the positive things in your life. It can be subtle at first but rewarding when you stop and take a look back after 6, 8 or 9 sessions and realise just how far you’ve come. I hope this post helps you feel more positive and motivated, without feeling the need to force positivity or ignore your “negative” emotions.

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