The True Love Recipe

The True Love Recipe

The True Love Recipe. There’s a fascination with love in the modern world. Many a tangle and unnecessary suffering crops up. What if there was an ancient recipe you could follow? One with just 4 ingredients? And can I challenge you to watch a comedy set that might raise some very uncomfortable questions? Getting a good sleep will make all this much easier to achieve!

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The Zen Recipe of True Love

The great Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh is captivating. He explains the Buddhist concept of the 4 elements of True Love very clearly.

The True Love Recipe 4

1. Lovingkindness (Maitri) 

Friendship you spend time to really get to know each other The ability to see the ones you love for who they are. You clearly see and know them enough to realise what will make them happy and are able to provide it.

2. Compassion (Karuna)

Being able to understand and empathise with the person you love’s suffering and help with removing it or transforming it. You should be able to help them remove it. By understanding you help the other person not to suffer. Just like a doctor does not have to suffer the same condition to heal it. Do you help with your words and action?

The True Love Recipe 6

The True Love Recipe

 3. Joy (Mudita)

The kind of joy that is shared by both. True love should contain joy. When you are happy, they are happy and vice versa. You make each other happy. ..Capacity to make each other happy… You cannot have true love without joy. If it makes you unhappy deep within your core – it’s not true love

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4. Equanimity (Upeksha)

Letting go, equality, it’s not possessive and is the opposite of indifference. True equanimity holds that the connection means that what hurts one hurts the other. It’s not possessive, it doesn’t take sides and it means seeing the big picture.

If we try to put our beloved in our pocket and carry them with us when they are more like the wind, or a butterfly or a stream, needing to move and flow, or risk dying. This is not love, its destruction.

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The True Love Recipe – A little test!

There’s no quiz! But if you’re ready to accept only the best for yourself then please watch Daniel Sloss’s show “Jigsaw”. I’d love to hear your reactions. Daniel described it as a “love letter to the single”.

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Where True Love Begins

You start by accepting yourself. “You are born as a flower. Breathing in I see myself as a flower, breathing out I feel fresh…. Accept who you are or you cannot be yourself. You are beautiful as you are. Be beautiful, be yourself. Build a home in yourself – peace warmth and joy and feel wonderful within yourself.

Then you can cultivate all the 4 elements of true love. To transform your afflictions and the ability to transform.”

With loving kindness, compassion, joy and equanimity within yourself you can find this with another. Hypnotherapy really can help you build these qualities and that’s where the transformation begins after all.

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