8 Reasons to Make Time for Fun!

8 Reasons to Make Time for Fun!

8 reasons to make time for fun. Fun/play what is it? How can we possibly justify it with everything else we’ve got going on? Do we have to start learning how to spin plates literally as well as metaphorically now?! Nope.

What is Fun? Probably not reading articles about it

thank you, I’m here all week…

8 Reasons to Make Time for Fun!

What is Fun?

Fun is a personal thing, made up of, freedom and enjoyment. It’s something we love doing for no good reason. For pure enjoyment with no need of an outcome. With Covid restrictions in place, we have had to find simpler ways to enjoy our lives. With travelling and even shopping very much changed and freedom harder to find.

The good news is our thoughts are free and our thoughts and actions are the only things we ultimately have control over. We’ve liberty to choose them and hypnotherapy helps build this skill.  There is a fun exercise you can do outlined at the end of this post.

But first a bit of reflection. What do you do for fun?  What makes you laugh? And here’s a big question What stops you having fun?  Guilt? lack of time? Feel it’s worthless? How many moments of joy and liberation do you get in over a day? Can I tempt you to start out enjoying a few minutes a day? 2nd Teaser – see post conclusion – Visualising Good Times.

Why Choose Fun?

I love being a hypnotherapist. I get a joy from that moment a client says, thank you for everything, I can take it from here.  But it’s great to take time away from it all. For the first time since lockdown, I got taken to the movies (Free guy) what’s not to love? Sharing it made it even more special.

Comedy podcasts and stand up even ones I’ve listened to a lot, have “tickle lines” that literally have me laughing out loud. (Bill Burr, Dylan Moran). This is stuff you can’t put a price on. By choosing to escape into fun, something you enjoy, even a few moments, can mean:

8 Reasons to Make Time for Fun

1. You’re happier, that’s it that’s the end of the post, isn’t that reason enough?  endorphins, serotonin oxytocin and dopamine get together and reward us with motivation, concentration, exhilaration and bliss.

2. Improves quality of life, big claim but hear me out, too much stress and we produce too much cortisol and adrenalin and upset our hormonal balance. Our metabolism and immune systems suffer.

3. Strengthens our mind body connection the happier we feel the less ill or pain we feel. The cliché of laughter being the best medicine holds up.


8 Reasons to Make Time for Fun 5

4. Improves your relationships, by sharing fun we create an emotional connection. It builds trust and develops communication, when we can share a laugh with someone we bond because we are similar.

5. Reinforces positive habits we get where we want to be instead of being stuck on a hamster wheel.

6. Helps to motivate us and keeps us curious to keep learning about stuff that interests us, beefing up our memory.


7. Makes us more productive! As counter intuitive as it might seem at first, the happier and more balanced we are the more we can produce higher quality and, in less time, too.

8. Fun keeps you young! you’ll look better, feel better and boost your energy!


Why not try the simple trick below and give yourself a taste of happiness in minutes. 

8 Reasons to Make Time for Fun 9

Visualising Good Times

Take a few minutes to remember a time you had fun. When you feel free alive and the world was full of colour, and you just laughed. Smile, close your eyes and tilt your head back. Keep smiling. Our physicality affects our mood. And rest there thinking about what you could see, what you could hear and how you felt. That memory can act as a shower for your brain and leave you refreshed. Just enjoy this moment ….



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