10 Ways to Deal with Negative Situations

10 Ways to Deal with Negative Situations

When something challenging / negative happens, we can get triggered. Great in a crisis!  But a heady mix of survival mechanisms, anxiety, depression and anger can often kick in a response to stresses of everyday life. When we’re in stressful circumstances our initial reactions can lead us to react and say things we can’t take back, lash out or fall into depression. Why not arm yourself with some of the following ideas for skillfully living the life you want.



10 Ways to Deal with Negative Situations

10 Ways to Deal with Negative Situations 2

1. Pause

Take a beat, if you jump in feet first you are reacting, reacting can rob us of our power.  Deciding how we want to react is healthy. Maybe someone wants to get a rise out of you? Maybe you don’t have to react at all?

 2. Perspective

The straw that broke the camel’s back can fill your whole mind, see it for the straw it was, not a giant redwood. 

3. Refuse

Say no thank you to other people’s baggage. It may be a cliché but don’t take it personally and throw in a good measure of “hurt people hurt people”.



If you are stuck a loop of thought, going over and over something hurtful from the past. Your boss having a go at you in a meeting. Imagine them as a toddler in a suit, burbling with gusto and making a mess, the sillier the better, replaying it this way will really take the sting out of it.


5. Distract

Can’t fix it or forget about it? Give your mind a break (it’ll often come up with answers when it’s not “on”!) do something you enjoy, paint a picture, see a movie or wash and wax the car. “Wax on. Wax off” 

10 Ways to Deal with Negative Situations 3

10 Ways to Deal with Negative Situations

6. See through someone else’s eyes.

Look at the situation and imagine what you might say if it was your partner or child were in your situation and looking for help?

 7. Learn

What went wrong? Maybe make a list of anything you can do to make sure it doesn’t happen again (without compromising your boundaries). You don’t fail, you learn.


Was it a bad thing really?  or is it an opportunity? Have now decided you want that new job? Are you now free to meet someone more compatible?

10 Ways to Deal with Negative Situations 4

9. Let it out.

Talk with someone you trust, cry, let it out. It can take time, be gentle with yourself. Seek help if you are ever stuck in this state for too long. Asking for help is a strong move. 

10. Accept

Bad things happen, let it go. The stoic idea of realizing the only thing we can control is our own actions and thoughts is really freeing. By accepting things, we can’t change we don’t pine for the way we wish they were. A great Zen proverb is” Let go, or be dragged.”

10 Ways to Deal with Negative Situations 5

Daniel Sloss’s Jigsaw

A Break – up might be the best thing to ever happen to you… think of the possible alternatives!

10 Ways to Deal with Negative Situations

Life will always have its ups and downs. You can try to change things, learn from them, accept them, let go or “make like a tree and leave”. There will be times when you can appropriately use these tips to cope/ thrive. Like a rubber ball you can come bouncing back. Hypnotherapy can help reduce stress, making more space to navigate life’s challenges and keep things in perspective. Giving you the chance to respond in a way that takes you to who and where you want to be.


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