Be Your Hero- 4 Pro’s of a Bedtime Story

Be Your Hero- 4 Pro’s of a Bedtime Story.


Be Your Hero- 4 Pro’s of a Bedtime Story.Once Upon a Time…. Stories have a power over us. Think of how many times you’ve lost yourself in a movie or found yourself feeling part of a different universe, or engrossed in a good book. You’re right there. You’re entranced.  This post looks at what an expert has to say about myths and stories, what makes them so powerful?  and 4 reasons why you might listen to/ read a bedtime story tonight.

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Joseph Campbell

The great mythologist Joseph Campbell researched the history of myths/ stories across time and culture and in his book “The Hero of a Thousand Faces” He found a common pattern emerged known as the Hero’s Journey (the monomyth) “the unity of mankind’s spiritual history….”

The Hero’s Journey

The hero gets called to action and refuses the call, a mentor appears, adventure begins, trials are faced, the final challenge overcome and the return, where you are now an upgraded version of you.

We each in our own way want to follow our bliss. Tapping into this by using the quietening the mind aspect of hypnotherapy is what I mean when I use the phrase “Create the Life you love”.

The Power of Story

George Lucas took inspiration from Campbell’s book for the original Star Wars. The two became friends and whatever your view of the original Saga, it brought an enduring resurgence in the power of myth back into everyday life. It built and has bound a community together for generations and brought the idea of the force into modern western people’s consciousness.

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The concept of “the force” is influenced in part by the ancient Tao text, the “Tao Te Ching” (the Way) written by Lao Tzu, it expresses the concept of a universal undercurrent energy that connects all things.

If this resonates with you, maybe you’ll investigate more of Joseph Campbells work.

Mythos | JCF: Works

Be Your Hero- 4 Pro’s of a Bedtime Story.

There are a wide range of adult bedtime stories available. Written or audio. Here’s why you might be tempted:


1. A story before nodding off to sleep might seem strange idea for an adult. But really, it’s going to help us  relax, especially if our brains associate it with a time, we were told stories as a child.


2. An appealing story boosts our feel-good oxytocin levels, boosting out trust compassion and empathy and makes us more sociable!

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3. They transport you, the more immersed you are in a story the more the data processing circuits of everyday thoughts and cares fade away. Sensory circuits activate, feeling a part of the story, relaxes us, lets us use our imagination and prepare for our own sleep adventure.


4. Scientific research has shown that the same areas of the brain light up in the storyteller as the listener. The mirror neurons light up. In essence this is true connection.

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Be Your Hero- 4 Pro’s of a Bedtime Story.

So, the next time you dismiss bedtime stories as something for children think about our need to tell stories that are so similar across time place and culture. How this means everything is connected. We can choose adventure over the mundane. That we have your own heroes’ journey to complete. By giving our mind all chances for deep rest and relaxation; we see opportunities and choices more easily, make better choices and hear that call to action loud and clear.…


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