6 Things to do if you Wake During the Night

6 Things to do if you Wake During the Night

6 things to do if you wake during the night? The most common way to sleep which I’ve mentioned in previous posts is 7 to 9 hours through the night. There’s a great emphasis on this type of sleep cycle (monophasic) being the healthiest. This post looks at alternative sleep patterns and what you can do if you wake during the night.


6 Things to do if you Wake During the Night 6

One long sleep is great- Ideal for anyone with a regular work routine with the least risk of sleep deprivation. This post is for you if  your sleep is disturbed and you need some fixes to get back to sleep in the middle of the night.

Maybe you have a different sleep pattern? There are also some other sleep cycles which i’ve outlined below. Always talk to a doctor to rule out underlying sleep disorder or medical condition.


Different Cycles of Sleep

Biphasic Cycle This is a split sleep cycle Mediterranean or Mexico – enjoy a siesta – a nap in the middle of the day and 5 to 6 hours a night. 6 hours 20-minute nap, Naps have good and band points. Yes, they can help memory and heart health and reduce stress BUT they can make night time insomnia and depression worse.

Historian A Roger Ekirch in his book At Day’s Close: Night in Times Past, Amazon.co.uk : at day’s close night in times past  talks about the idea that in  pre industrial times we used to sleep in 2 parts, waking for a few hours in the night and doing chores etc and then falling back into sleep

Poly phasic If you find your sleeping around 3.5 to 4 hours a night then this model suggests you also take 3 20-minute naps throughout the day. But the risks of sleep deprivation are acute and all the draw backs it entails. This might be an awkward one to.    It is for people who want to get a lot done in the day but has top ups of naps which are essential to schedule.

Dymaxion sleep cycle 4 30-minute naps those with the genetic condition which means they are “short sleepers”

Ubermann Awake  3.5 hours followed by a 20-minute nap and repeat! Lack of sleep and can lead to a  difficult time socialising or coping with family/ work/ life.   Some people do it to try to get more done in the day. 

6 Things to do if you Wake During the Night

 1. Stay awake!

Concentrate on staying awake rather than going to sleep! Known as paradoxical intent , its reduces anxiety around falling asleep, why not give it a try?


6 Things to do if you Wake During the Night 5

2. Get Up!

If your still awake after about 20 minutes, get up and go to a different room. This will help reset your mind and break the pattern of lying there getting more anxious about not being able to sleep.

6 Things to do if you Wake During the Night 4

3. Meditate

If it is your thing then you know the benefits of meditation. Having a spot to go to in order to meditate will train your mind to associate it with the relaxing alpha waves it produces.

Is Hypnosis the Same as Meditation?

6 Things to do if you Wake During the Night 3

4. “Scrub Floors”

Do something that’s a chore! World renowned hypnotherapist  Milton Erikson prescribed his insomniac patients to get up and do something that needed done but that they really disliked  – the condition was that they spend the night awake and doing it. After a few nights of this choice – sleeping won!


5. Listen to music

Whatever helps you relax;  feel good music , binaural beats  gentle sounds/ classical music, , Something that doesn’t make you want to sweep round the floor or jump up and down  😊

6. Hypnotherapy

If you don’t want to get up? Use a relaxation Hypnotherapy download – it mimics the process of falling asleep. The more you use it the more you’ll find it easier  to fall asleep.


6 Things to do if you Wake During the Night 2

6 Things to do if you Wake During the Night 

You may get your sleep requirements naturally following any one of these natural cycles. Or you may need to consult your doctor to rule out any underlying health conditions. A temporary blip is a different story, not least because its inconvenient. You can make use of these hours of awake time / find ways of falling back asleep.

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