The Mental Health Benefits of Good Sleep

The Mental Health Benefits of Good Sleep

Looking at the mental health benefits of good sleep its easy to say when we have a peaceful mind, we have a peaceful sleep. How does sleep help our mental health? Lets look at what can lead to poor sleep. When we are, anxious, angry, stressed (in a heightened state of emotional arousal) our bodies produce a high level of adrenalin and cortisol. Preparing us to deal with a perceived emergency/ threat. With our bodies on alert, our sleep suffers. Poor sleep means we don’t get the chance to process all that our tired minds need to get rid of and this makes getting a good nights rest harder and harder to achieve. We can’t underestimate the magic of sleep.

Sleep helps you process powerful emotions that can seem over whelming. Which increases our ability to relax and:

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  • Reduce anxiety – dreaming helps us deal with triggering events by allowing us to safely act out how to deal with them.
  • Less irritability – what bothered you the night before can often seem irrelevant after a good night’s sleep. It helps your mind relax and gain a sense of perspective.
  • Anger management – Because sleep reduces your irritability and gives you that sense of perspective it can be easier to take a step outside of your anger and become less reactive.
  • Cope with stress – with a new found sense of perspective and being less prone to anxiety and with a more stable mood you worry less.

With good sleep you will find you are able to:

  • Make better decisions – fatigue doesn’t help us focus on the big picture or choose wisely.
  • Solve problems – by reducing the “background static” of distracting thoughts
  • Gain more focus and attention – brain fog can leave us underperforming.
  • Be more creative – good sleep can dissolve mental blocks.
  • Improve your memory and consolidate learning. This is a very interesting article from Neuroscience News on the subject. How the Brain Strengthens Memories During Sleep – Neuroscience News
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Better sleep has day to day consequences for your mental health.

When you get better sleep, you interrupt the worry, stress and anxiety feedback loop and you can then see everything improve day by day. You are more optimistic and easier to live with! Relationships improve and of course you have more patience and less anger. You’ll find learning as well as focus and attention come more easily. Your ability to make good decisions also improves.

Our mind really is a powerful tool why not make your mind work for you. Whatever way you choose to combat anxiety and stress in your life …. you’re doing your mind, body, friends, family and your future a favour. You will be able to set realistic goals and attain them and feel good about yourself.

The restorative power of sleep will help improve your mental health and happiness. So why not give your mind the sleep you need to enjoy a happier life.

Want better sleep? The No.1 step to better sleep is to prioritize it.  Why not contact me to find out how I can help you at Welcome hypnotherapy and give your mind a welcome rest.

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Everything is connected

just as your brain is a physical entity and where we believe the mind is housed. There is also a 3-brain theory where not only our brain but our but and heart also have a lot to bring to the table. There’s no denying  our thoughts feelings and emotions are linked to our physical condition. If you look after your body you look after your mind. Why not check out my blog post

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