5 Ways to Make Time

5 Ways to Make Time

5 Ways to Make Time.  With our time travelling minds. We can go anywhere at any time. Thoughts of the past, dreams of the future and those daydreamy times. This post is about how to slow down on all that jumping and the distress it can cause and get more out of our present.


5 Ways to Make Time 2

Perceptions. I sat down to write and thought about the changes in the seasons. How winter is nearly here with the darker nights drawing in here in the north. Halloween stone’s throw away. But winter, officially winter, is another one and a half months away!  Which is a sizeable chunk of our year.  This is the kind of thinking that causes us to think time speeds up the older we get. But that isn’t true. We know the theory that a month is a larger portion of a young child’s life than an adult. Which can make time seem endless when we’re 6 years old but I also believe jumping back and forth into the past and future, makes our present dwindle. The less present moments we carry with us leads to ever decreasing circles of experience. Here’s some ideas on how to change that! And I’d love to hear yours too. Its also  about the stories we tell ourselves, why not make them good ones?

Be Your Hero- 4 Pro’s of a Bedtime Story (welcomehypnotherapy.co.uk)


5 Ways to Make Time 5

5 Ways to Make Time


1. Mix it up (even a tiny bit) – A mundane routine will make time pass very quickly indeed. Doing new things will shake this up or doing the same thing but in a different way. Or perhaps you have a dream, something you’ve always wanted to do but can think of a million reasons why its not possible. Making a step towards that future, doing a little bit of what you love can make the harsher things easier to swallow.


2. Pause – Being busy, always being busy. So much to do so little time. Take a pause, experiment with it, even 10 minutes, at first, the world is safely still turning. A little mind pauses what about listening and really noticing all the little details that you may have missed or even pick a colour and look for as many things of that colour you can spot. These breaks will make you more productive long term.

5 Ways to Make Time


3. Plan – Future thinking, we humans can spend a lot of time worrying about the future. Imagining how something will play out in the future, stress may lead to all sorts of worst-case scenarios playing out in your mind. Make plans and see them through. Work out what the obstacles may be and have a plan B. Doing our best while always remembering there are things we can’t control. We can control our thoughts and our actions. This includes what we give our attention to. Our brains are powerhouses, why settle for second rate?


4. Change track – Living in the past. Again, there’s a contrast between reliving a powerfully good time and flashing back to unpleasant memories.  Enjoying past achievements or memories is a healthy thing it makes us feel good and builds self-esteem.  Triggered into an unpleasant state by associating one thing with another.  It can be helpful to visualise out of it by seeing it as though you are on a train. You are riding a train of thought! Going the wrong way? Not enjoying the journey? Get off at the station and catch a better train. There will be plenty to choose from!

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5. Screens Away! – Virtual living, screen time, we’d not be doing so much of it if it wasn’t so addictive! In trance work we’ll use a screen to disassociate some one from a negative memory.  By imagining yourself watching yourself you can gain a therapeutic distance.  It’s also true that filming a concert will make it much harder to relive a feeling of actually being there. A growing feeling of if its not posted and getting likes did it even happen?  And there could be a whole post on the deceptive nature of that reality.  The only solution I can come up with is to do less of it! (Signed a Tik Tok fan)

5 Ways to Make Time 4

5 Ways to Make Time

We make time by living as fully in the present as possible. Choosing our reactions, taking “mind pauses” and deciding what we give our attention to are all muscles built out of habit. Think of hypnotherapy as the gym. The more work you put in the stronger your base and the more capable you’ll become. The reduction in stress reaction can take years off you as well! Make laughing at it all much easier. With all these bonuses you’ll find yourself making better choices too. Your future self will thank you.  Can you imagine that?

Fun is vital 8 Reasons to Make Time for Fun! (welcomehypnotherapy.co.uk)

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