Live an Authentic Life

Live an Authentic Life

It seems we all want to live an authentic life. Living authentically is something I’ve heard mentioned a lot both personally, on social media and in hypnotherapy itself. With statements like “I don’t know who I am”, “I know who I am and I’m not being myself”, “I’m not being my best self”. Not living authentically is when we are not aligned to our seed of inspiration or to what makes us truly glow inside. The type of questions that can show up are, is this all there is? Where did I go wrong? Why am I not happy? What do I want out of life? What can I do? 

Frustration, anxiety, lack of fulfilment, doubt, and indecision. will continue to show up until you change something. Hypnotherapy is one way to help you make that change.

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Living Authentically 

Authenticity is when what you think, say and do is in harmony. This can change as we work on how to “fit into” life and thinking about how others might view us. We adjust what we present to the world and can lose ourselves in the process.

Who do you admire as living an authentic life? For me it’s Maya Angelou. It’s good to have role models, they show what really is possible..

Authentic Bonding

Sharing our stories is what connects us. But we also need our own gatekeeper, the one who decides wisely who to trust. Is this person or group would be wise to expose our vulnerabilities. As Brine Brown says “it takes courage to be vulnerable.”

How to Learn to Trust Yourself More (

It is a watchword in the wellness industry authenticity is often linked to the sharing of personal stories to link up with people who relate to the same difficulties. I can understand the logic. My therapy is not about me its always about you. We enter into a psychodynamic space. I see the world through your eyes and do not judge. I listen and guide using my training, experience and intuition. 

It’s wonderful to be able to offer a safe and non- judgemental space for people to be their authentic selves. Safe as in regulated, held to high standards, confidential a space for healing without harm.

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My Authenticity

So I find myself perfectly placed, to me hypnotherapy  is the meaningful contribution I can make to society. And that’s my authenticity. What’s yours? Would you enjoy the opportunity to work with me to find out?There might be a lot of reasons and resistance from the outside but one way to know you are on the right path, is when it would be unthinkable to give it up! 

All I know is when I am in Hypnotherapist mode. I know that I am in the right place at the right time doing the right thing for me. My son once said to me, a lot of people would rather see others fail than succeed. I found this to be very true when working as a support worker and starting out in my dream of being a hypnotherapy practitioner.


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How different would it be if you woke up each morning with a smile on your face, jumped out of bed, and couldn’t wait to get at it? Like when you were a child, remember?

What to Let Go of? 

People, places, thoughts, jobs, that wear you down instead of building you up. That extra weight of the world you have to carry around from all those pieces of negativity and incompatibility. Paying less attention to them really does shrink them down. Too much stress leads to struggle. Limit the amount you take on or take to heart by changing your focus. Hypnotherapy is a perfect tool for doing this!

The Power of Letting Go (

How to Deal with Toxic People (


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What Happens When You Start Living Authentically? 

Life is lighter. Your focus changes to happy memories, places and things you loved doing as a child. You cope better with what life holds. You have a sense of ease. You find there’s more to smile and feel happy about. You let in the good stuff and feel more comfortable and easier about saying no to the bad. Unexpected opportunities come up. Joy and adventures! You meet new people and get excited about doing and learning new things!

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Live an Authentic Life

Give yourself a chance to shine! People are often surprised at how hypnotherapy helps them start living a more authentic life. Less anxiety and stress make room for more optimism, enthusiasm and fulfilment. Even helping you to look and feel more radiant (a by-product not often mentioned). I hope this post has given you many reasons to embrace the idea of living authentically.

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