How to Learn to Trust Yourself More

How to learn to Trust Yourself More

How to learn to Trust Yourself More. This is just one of the skills that hypnotherapy can help you nurture. This post looks at the process I use to help you as a client find your own solutions.  Empathetic resonance and how it will be easier for you to choose who you want to interact with on a meaningful level.

The Process


We engage in a non-judgemental and safe space I am genuinely interested to here about where you are now and where you want to be.


We focus on your positive intentions, as in what you do want rather than what you don’t!  Very neatly relaying the same info to yourself but in a much more positive way.  Directing your own mind towards finding the solutions which are just right for you.

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Bring your preferred future to life, by vividly imagining what your ultimate happiness might look like and how you will get there even one step at a time.


Use the R.E.M (Rapid Eye Movement) dreamlike state –hypnosis. It diffuses anxiety in the same way dreaming does Using metaphor in trance lets you the client take from it what is most meaningful for you. I CAN STRESS THIS ENOUGH; you have the power and control.

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Remember the brain can experience flights of fancy as if they are real. Our complex neo-cortex, has billions of potential connections and the almost unbelievable ability to remodel itself. What we think and sense really does have a profound effect on how we relate to the world.  We can continually make new connections. Our minds are like gardens. We can focus on tending to new growth, feed all the things that have nourished us and uproot the weeds of negative thought or unhelpful behavioural patterns. Let’s make them inspiring daydreams and thats the process!


How to Learn to Trust Yourself More

A Curious Thing

It’s a curious thing. When two people interact face to face, the same parts of the brain can light up in the same pattern and allow us to truly share a moment.  Think of how much we can sense about another person before they’ve even spoken a word. Neuroscientists call that mutual state “empathic resonance” a brain-to-brain link. with hypnotherapy we get a clearer idea of any potential pitfalls. Becoming the master of our own minds.

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“Keeping your brain in balance can change your life.”  I believe it also helps us tune into our true and purer gut instincts. The less white noise and interference we have from our anxieties and fears the more of a starring role our rational mind (prefrontal cortex) has, the more self-assured and trusting of our inner voice we can be.

I called this part “weeds” because some of our links, to people or situations can be damaging. As Thich Nhat Hanh says “If you find yourself in a toxic environment, you must remove yourself as quickly as possible. Before you too become toxic”. A powerful statement because it gives us the power to choose what we want to be and who/ what we choose to be surrounded by. Hypnotherapy helps you sniff out the good apples!

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Welcome Hypnotherapy

My style of hypnotherapy is a collaboration, we work together to help you achieve your goals. The lovely thing about it is the equality. You are always in control. With the greater balance that comes along with this you will have a keen eye and know on a deep level who / what is good and supportive of you and your dreams. Now how great is that?    

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