Breaking Out of a Rut – 8 Tips

Breaking Out of a Rut – 8 Tips

Breaking Out of a Rut – 8 Tips. Perhaps the easiest way to breathe new life into our routine is to change our perspective. Our thoughts about the past present and future all have a bearing on our perspective as we go about our daily life. We can become overwhelmed or trapped by unhelpful thinking but it is possible to change. Here’s some ways to be able to see the wood for the trees and step off onto your new path with clearer vision.

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Breaking Out of a Rut 


Good Foundations


Give yourself a good foundation. Look after your mental and physical health. What else can colour our present life experience? All the little things if you’re hungry, you’re in pain, your mind is somewhere else and, the biggy, your simply tired can make us feel defeated before we begin.


It’s worth remembering that almost everyone you meet will be going through some or all of the same things you are. I’ve often had client’s whose anxiety leaves them hyper alert to every look, word and taking these things personally can become a great hurdle to leap.


How other people see you is not as important as how you see yourself and the following ideas may help you change perspective and get out of a rut. 


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    Breaking Out of a Rut – 8 Tips

    Change your perspective


    1. Be gentle with yourself.  Take regular mental breaks. Whether it’s doing something you actively enjoy / can get lost in, or mindfulness / meditation. Anything that represents a shift away from being immersed in your pressing daily life. (Not scrolling through social media!) Think of it as if you’re carrying such a heavy load all you can see is the ground. Lay that burden down for a while and you’ll be able to look up to the sky.

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    2. The past is past. It’s worth remembering all the valuable lessons you’ve learned. There may even have been times you’ve gotten out of a rut before? But it’s not a predictor of your future, it’s gone you’ve learned and grown. It’s also worth noting that our present state can colour our memories. If you are down, you can remember something quite differently than if it crosses your mind when you are having a good time. Let go of grudges, they only damage you.


    The Power of Letting Go (

    Breaking Out of a Rut – 8 Tips

    3. Remember – the future isn’t written yet! It’s easy to get into the frame of mind that nothing will change, that one small thing going wrong means all is lost. Also, expectation, as in I’ll feel better when I’ve won the race, and even if you do win…. You don’t feel how you imagined. That’s why enjoying the present is really a gift. You can move through the now and you’ll handle the future as you go.


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    4. Be authentic, make decisions that are true to you and what you want. Not for how it looks or what other people think


    Live an Authentic Life (


    Believe in Your Success (


    5. Perfection doesn’t exist. Striving to be perfect and untouched by challenges will leave you with unmet expectations, vulnerable to disappointment, unhappy, exhausted and often, at the mercy of other people’s opinions.  Learning to navigate your life’s imperfections will give you great satisfaction and self-belief.


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    6. Reframe problems as challenges – be thankful whatever comes your way. What lesson / skill is this teaching you? What are you no longer willing to tolerate as your self-esteem grows? This more positive way of looking at things will really change your life.



    7. Challenge your assumptions Maybe your new boss is moody and a different person day by day. Step back and see that they have recently taken the job and have not managed to balance wanting to be liked while experiencing pressure and uncertainty. You don’t have to take this personally.



    Engage with new types of  people Older/ younger/ a different culture/ country. Be open minded and find out more about other people’s experience of the world.  And how their experience and perspective has changed over time. It’s a great way to open your eyes to other ways of viewing the world.


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    Breaking Out of a Rut – 8 Tips


    Changing our perspective by challenging and changing our thoughts is an effective way to open our eyes to new opportunities and approaches. Taking on some or all of these suggestions might help you break unhelpful patterns of thinking and behaviour and you’ll find yourself breaking out of that rut!


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