Affirmations & Wellbeing

Affirmations & Wellbeing


To quote the psychiatrist, psychoanalyst Norman Doidge “Mind training matters. It’s not just a luxury, or a supplementary vitamin for the soul. It determines the quality of every instant of our lives.” Affirmations can be a simple way to make a positive impact on our mood and wellbeing. Our brains or thoughts aren’t set in stone, neuroplasticity means our brains have the ability to change. How we think about and talk to ourselves has a big impact on our body and mind so why not give ourselves the chance to thrive?


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Affirmations and Wellbeing

What Are Affirmations?


Affirmations are short, positive statements that are true to your values and what YOU really want.


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They help you notice self-sabotaging / negative thoughts as they pop up. Noticing is the first step. So many of my new clients will think nothing of referring to themselves as dumb, silly, stupid…. without even realizing. It has become an acceptable and ingrained patten.


Being a better friend to yourself is vital. Imagine dealing well with the unabashed negativity of co workers / family members affirmations can help bring to mind a solid sense of your own worth. The world is not short of critics! Affirmations are just one tool that can help you become your own cheerleader.

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Choose Wisely


Remember your own affirmations have to be true to your authentic self. Take this popular one that’s proved controversial “In a world where you can be anything, be kind.” No doubt its heart is in the right place but it’s been accused of encouraging doormat like attitudes and derided being aimed at females to be passive and nice.


Personally, it makes me laugh, as I remember a very unkind person who proudly displayed this on their wall.  A sense of humour will never let you down!

Warning -The following video contains strong language.




Affirmation Examples

As I’ve said it is important construct personally meaningful affirmations / pick one that resonates with you:

“I love me without condition”

“I care for my body by eating healthily and exercising”

“Good sleep is my priority”

“I am Enough”

 The sky’s the limit, choose one that resonates with you or make your own.

Affirmations & Wellbeing

Affirmations & Wellbeing

“The Magic”


The magic is in repeating these heartfelt phrases. This is your personal mantra. Like exercise your building the muscle in the right places, like learning to play a musical instrument, the more you do something, the more you practice, the better you get, the better you feel the more naturally it all comes to you. Repetition is learning a new pattern; you are breaking an old unhelpful pattern of thought and behaviour. Give it time and keep up the reps!

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Hypnotherapy & Affirmations


Hypnotherapy can help you find your affirmation and it also helps you visualize it. When your own personal mantra is made real in your imagination, positive benefits start to happen, as if it’s already true, your brain starts to associate this affirmation with the feel-good neurotransmitters of dopamine and serotonin and encourages you to repeat the behaviour.


Hypnotherapy is in its essence about focusing your attention and allowing you to break unhelpful pattens of behaviour.


Types of Affirmations


Stress reduction. “I am glad to see the kids at 5am in the morning “although that’s tongue in cheek any stressful situation can respond to the repeating of an appropriate affirmation.


Improve sport/ work performance. Reminding yourself of your strengths/ achievements will give you a boost and help you remain positive.


Cheerlead The more self-worth you have the less stressful life will become. It’s much easier to deal with negativity in the world when you realize it’s not personal.


Set a goal If you choose to focus on getting good sleep for example, you’ll be making all sorts of healthy choices as a result.


As you can see affirmations overlap and can have many knock on benefits no matter where you first placed your focus. The Key is in the repetition of them. Have I mentioned that already? Use little reminders. Write them down / save them on your mobile or come up with you own creative way to remind yourself of the change you want to see/ feel.

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Affirmations & Wellbeing


Take a positive and meaningful phrase and repeat it. Too simple? What have we got to lose by doing it? We can lose lack of motivation, low self-esteem, bad habits, low mood. How tempting is that. Our brains neuroplasticity means we can and do learn new ways of thinking and behaving. Positive affirmations can lead to positive thoughts and positive behaviours. I’d love to hear from you about your success with affirmations. You can do anything, that’s possible, if you put your mind to it.





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