One Secret to Taking Control of Your Life

One Secret to Taking Control of Your Life



One Secret to Taking Control of Your Life. When you’re overwhelmed, feeling unlucky or facing challenges in life it can seem easy to blame others, your circumstances or fate. If you believe that and repeat it often enough you will feel powerless to change anything.

By no means is everything you’re going through your fault but it is your responsibility to make it better for YOU.  You don’t have to do it alone, deciding what you want to change can mean reaching out for appropriate help.

Choose to see everything in your life as your responsibility and start making some changes. You’ll eventually enjoy the power that comes with it.

Accepting responsibility

Accepting responsibility means:

Choosing your freedom to change, hearing the call to action and setting off on a big adventure and seeing the real you for the first time in a long time.

Finding your power and what is important to you, helping you to establish goals and achieve them. Identifying your values and beliefs and living by them.

Building and maintaining boundaries, knowing what is and isn’t acceptable to you.


One Secret to Taking Control of Your Life


 7 Steps to Taking Responsibility:


1. Take small steps. Take care of all the little things. All your basic needs, little jobs you’ve been meaning to do. It’ll give you a good base to start from.


2. Build your self-esteem. Feelings of failure and helplessness come from low self-esteem. Think of all the good things you’ve done or happy times you’ve had. You might find this article useful.

6 Easy Ways to Build Selflove (


One Secret to Taking Control of Your Life 2

3. Learn to communicate assertively.

Learning to express your wants needs and boundaries honestly.

Not being passive, it might seem difficult at first until you learn the skills. You cannot rely on others to treat you the way in which you deserve or expect to be treated. Take this extreme example below illustrating passivity with no boundaries.


In 1974 Artist Marina Abramovich conducted a 6-hour art experiment “Rhythm 0”. She agreed to remain passive for 6 hours and let the public use any of 72 objects to interact with her and face no consequences. A gentle beginning with a flower placed in her hand led on to being cut with a knife and worse. When at the end of the 6 hours she began to move and talk the mob ran away. These were ordinary people.

7 Steps to Taking Responsibility:



4. Be honest with yourself. How have you contributed to your present? Made bad choices? Take this time to learn from them. But don’t beat yourself up about it. Regardless of how you got here it’s where you are going that counts. A wiser you is making a better life.

Connect to the Real You with 10 Questions (


5. Remember you control you. You control your own thoughts and actions. You cannot change other people.  You can explain what you are unhappy with and move on if you’re not satisfied with the results.

How to Learn to Trust Yourself More (

6. Be Authentic be the best version of you and listen to yourself. When you don’t have the background noise of other people’s opinions you improve your instinct to choose what’s right for you.

Live an Authentic Life (

One Secret to Taking Control of Your Life 3

7 Steps to Taking Responsibility


7. Strap yourself in, it’s going to be a bumpy ride. This post is the map but you will have to navigate the real-world changes. It will be worth it! Once you’ve overcome a hurdle you’ll be armed with that taste of success. Remembering to give yourself credit will help you deal with whatever comes along. Just remember you’ve a bigger mission to accomplish.  then you can use this process to achieve what you want.


One Secret to Taking Control of Your Life


Taking responsibility is not comfortable but enriching. It can seem easier to stay in your comfort zone.  Test this and ask yourself if you’re happy?  Take your power back by knowing that you can change whatever you choose to and accept responsibility for where you’re going and who you’re going to become.

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