How to Have a Merrier Christmas

How to Have a Merrier Christmas 


How to Have a Merrier Christmas. This post acknowledges why you might not be in the festive spirit or actively dislike the season!  how you can enjoy it more and how hypnotherapy can help.

 There’s a lot to be said for entertaining shows/ movies/ books /songs and Christmas advertising for creating an atmosphere. Amping up the season. Christmas is sold to us as a wonderful magical time of joy, kindness peace and giving. tinsel, trees, fairy lights, the laughter of little children, Santa’s everywhere, peace, love and goodwill to all.

Each Christmas will imprint on you. For good or not so good reasons. The fact that the same movies etc.  are repeated year after year can reinforce your reactions. The illusion of it all can hold powerful sway, if you associate wonderful things and happy memories with Christmas music for example then you’re in for a month(s) long treat. It can make you mad if it’s stirring up unpleasant memories, even at an unconscious level.


Bah Humbug


Imagine the reasons for not putting Elf on the DVD player or singing Jingle Bells Christmas.  Perhaps at some time or now you’ve had to cope at Christmas when –   you’ve lost someone, had no home, no money, in an abusive relationship, separated from your family, being with your family, ill or caring for someone who is sick. You are not alone. Life doesn’t take a holiday.

How to Have a Merrier Christmas (2)

How to Have a Merrier Christmas


Christmas Spirit

As a marker and sense of occasion it can be comforting to know that a lot of other people are experiencing Christmas. It’s a break from routine for a lot of us It can brighten up a long winter. It’s not been a time for celebration for centuries without spiritual purpose. BBC – Religions – Paganism: Winter Solstice . Lights help chase the demons away.

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Help If You don’t like Christmas


  1. Be Kind to yourself, it’s easier then to be kind to others.
  2. Stop striving for perfection – as in all thing’s perfection is not possible and only sets up the chances of feeling like a failure.
  3. Make your own celebration – get creative, do what you’d like to do!
  4. Learn some quick-fire relaxation techniques – How to Deal with Toxic People (
  5. Spend what you can afford
  6. Focus on what you do like about it…is there a little something?
  7. Make your children feel loved – a walk and a chat, listen to them, cook their favourite meal…
  8. Laugh, do something fun – you can allow yourself a slice of happiness



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Chase the Ghosts of Christmas Past


Hypnotherapy is a very special process. With it we have the tools to desensitise you and release you from unhappy associations by using a technique known as the Rewind. When in trance you are safely allowed to revisit memories and use this technique until the memory is no longer stored in your amygdala. Revisiting the scene or it’s associations consciously or unconsciously no longer causes a fight/ flight/ freeze response. The response that leads to anger/ anxiety or depressive symptoms.

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How to Have a Merrier Christmas


Christmas can seem overwhelming. A time when you should be celebrating or you might feel justifiably angered by enforced happiness. But you can do something about it. Be the architect of your own life. Look at where you are now and accept full responsibility for it. Got it, good! Now bearing that in mind you are now in control of what you say, think and do. What will you do to move yourself towards what you do want? How will you act, what will you say to yourself and others? Perhaps you want to find out more about how hypnotherapy can help? Hypnotherapy is for life not just for Christmas!

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