Leave Stress in the Office

Leave Stress in the Office


Leave Stress in the Office. April is stress awareness Month. If there’s one thing, we are aware of its stress. It’s easy to recognize it’s signs. The knotted stomach, the feeling of being out of your depth or about to lose your temper.


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But it is possible to leave the stress where it belongs and not have it impact outside of the office. This is an article on how mindset and affirmations can help.

Leave Stress in the Office

Leave Stress in the Office


It can feel at times as though the job is taking over your life. Targets to reach, difficult clients, unreasonable managers / colleagues can be exhausting. It’s also a difficult situation for those still working from home where  boundaries can easily  bleed.


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Leave Stress in the Office

Say some of the following to yourself as often as necessary and take action to make it happen.


  • Solid boundaries are very important. Whether it’s working from home a virtual or bricks and mortar work place, treat them both the same. And imagine the following



    • I leave work stress in the office at quitting time. I get to spend time with friends and family/ doing something I love.


    • I am paid only for X number of hours per week. I am paid to talk, cooperate and do my best for that amount of time only. I had a client who had problem colleagues. Who tried to keep in touch with her when she moved on? Her thinking was, “Nope, I’m not paid to talk to you anymore.” Talk about strong boundaries, especially considering the norm that women should be “nice”.








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    Leave Stress in the Office
    • I may be proud of my job/ career but I do it to support my family and lifestyle. This perspective allows me to focus on what is really important. They are the reason I make the decisions I do and we deserve a happy life.


    • Worrying about office stress never solved anything. Time out spent distracting or enjoying myself stops me overthinking about work or even hinking about work at all. I recognize that I have the power to choose where I focus my attention







    Leave Stress in the Office


    • My family deserves my undivided attention. My kids deserve to have me present at every soccer game. My spouse is entitled to spending quality time with me each evening.


    • My personal time is time for me to unwind and enjoy myself. Letting me be there for my friends and family.


    • When quitting time comes for the day, I am not contactable by work phone or work email. I’ll give myself and my family my full attention and not try to get a jump start on tomorrow.



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    Leave Stress in the Office

    Leave Stress in the Office


    Taking the time to say these things to yourself and act on them can make all the difference. The magic is in the taking action. Do it, even one step at a time. The stronger your boundary between office and home the happier you can become in both. It’s a lot easier to handle work stress when you’ve given yourself permission to enjoy yourself and relax when you are not there.

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