7 ways to Make your Resolutions Stick

7 ways to Make your Resolutions Stick

7 ways to Make your Resolutions Stick. Resolutions are acts self-care. No matter what you’ve decided you want to change it means you’re going to be looking after yourself better. Your mental, physical and spiritual self. I hope you find some or all of the following tips helpful.


7 ways to Make your Resolutions Stick 2

7 ways to Make your Resolutions Stick

1. Know you are worthy. The first step is often to feel that you do deserve to be happy / healthy or reach those goals.

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2. Accept that no matter what has happened it is now your responsibility to make a change for the better. Grow into your own personal power.

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3. Search. Figuring out what it is your truly want, a good question to ask might be why do I want this? Knowing yourself is going to help your get to the root of what you do want.

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7 ways to Make your Resolutions Stick 3

7 ways to Make your Resolutions Stick

4. Decide now is the right time. Make positive choices a habit throughout the year. It’s traditional to make resolutions at New Year. “New Year, New me” and it’s a great idea, knowing what you want to aim for is priceless. Like many traditions – we do it because it is done. What happens if you do it religiously every year…and by March they’re a memory? It’s a pattern you’re setting up for yourself. Your brain thinks, here’s another thing to go into the “ah what was I thinking, I never stick to anything” pot.

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5. Brainpower not will power. Use your unconscious mind to help you succeed. While your conscious mind is carrying approx.  7 things around at a time your  unconscious is there carrying out all those other tasks, like driving the car when you suddenly wonder  how you got there. Here’s my blog post on the method for “automatic willpower”.

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6. Focus on the big picture of what you do want and how it will feel once you get there. Hypnotherapy helps with visualising this future you.  Automatically making the right little choices reinforces the path to success in your brain.

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7 ways to Make your Resolutions Stick 4

7 Ways to Make your Resolutions Stick

7. Choose. To share or not share your goals? By announcing what you intend to do you’re agreeing to be held accountable for your actions. It may give you clarity and motivation but there is a downside. The dopamine that you get from telling others can make you less focused on achieving the goal itself. If you don’t share your goals, the feel-good chemicals have to come from the action, not approval. People will judge you on your actions and finger point when if they catch a perceived blip and give advice which could be totally wrong for you. Remember you know yourself and what best for you better than anyone else!

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7 Ways to Make your Resolutions Stick

It’s easy to stick to resolutions when you realise you are worthy of a life you’ll love. When you have decided that the motivation for change has come from what you want. By focusing on the big picture and enlisting the help of your unconscious you’ll have the freedom to move in the direction of what you do want. All these things will lead you to having belief in yourself. Hypnotherapy can help with each stage of the process. Not least by richly visualising what it will be like when you have your success.


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