How to Use Self-hypnosis for Weight Loss

How to Use Self-hypnosis for Weight Loss


How to use self-hypnosis for weight loss.  Hypnosis is not a magic wand but it can help boost your motivation to exercise, eat healthily and reduce your anxiety around weight loss. This post includes some helpful tips and a simple hypnosis exercise that you can practice yourself. All you have to do is decide that you are ready!

We all know making healthier food choices will help us maintain a healthy weight. Here’s an article with some practical tips – (for life not just for lockdown).

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Hypnosis can help improve your sleep. Good sleep plays a big role in regulating your appetite and so much more.

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How to Use Self-hypnosis for Weight Loss

How to Use Self-hypnosis for Weight Loss 2


Start by setting a clear intention. visualise what you want and why you want it. It might be for your health/ appearance/ self-esteem or something else. No matter your reasons it’s important to accept where you are now. Accepting it and not beating yourself up about it will make changing easier. (Becoming your own cheerleader might even turn out to be your first intention.)

Resources for Willpower

With your clear and vivid intention in mind, you might consider developing “automatic willpower”. Have a read of this article on how to make the right choices for you second nature. It’s important to be honest recognise the hurdles you face and plan around them. The good habits you build can bypass willpower.

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Self-Hypnosis for Weight Loss

There are many different ways of achieving successful trance and the following is one example. The more you practice the following steps the easier you will find it not only to go into a trance but to get the benefits of it as well. Believe in the process, this is going to work for you!

Before you start make sure you accept that it’s you that has to change and you are ready to change now!

Believe in Your Success (

Self-Hypnosis for Weight loss – Practice Exercise

How to Use Self-hypnosis for Weight Loss 3

Step 1-Be clear with your intention.


What you want to achieve? Always move your thoughts to the positive of what you do, rather than what you don’t want to achieve. Maybe I want to eat more healthily/ I want to exercise more / I will eat a banana today, choose whatever motivates you the most, even if it’s a small step.  Then –

Choose a word or imagine a colour that sums up your intention.

Decide how long you want to go into trance for/ set a timer.

Decide how you will feel when you come out of trance.

How to Use Self-hypnosis for Weight Loss 5


Step 2 – Comfort first.

Make sure you’re comfortable, some where you won’t be disturbed and close your eyes.


Step 3 – Focus

Change your focus, concentrate on your breathing, in this case breathe deeply in for a count of 7 and out for 11. You’ll be able to stop having to count as the pattern becomes natural.  It relaxes you quickly by switching your body to your parasympathetic nervous system.


How to Use Self-hypnosis for Weight Loss 6

Self-Hypnosis for Weight loss – Practice Exercise

Step 4 – Enter Trance

Imagine you are at the top of 10 steps, each number you count down you will find yourself relaxing more and more deeply.

Step 5 – RElax Deeper

When you reach the bottom, you discover of all thigs the world’s most comfortable hammock, like in a dream it can be anywhere you feel good, a beach, the woods, a city apartment or under the sea. You drift in easily and feel yourself swaying back and forth, gently and comfortably. You find your intention in words or colour comes to mind.

As you continue softly rocking, relaxing more and more. Your can become aware of your intention surrounding you. In words or colour, you can absorb your intention as easily as sunlight.

(This is a powerful way of programming your unconscious to help you make choices based on your longer-term goals)

How to Use Self-hypnosis for Weight Loss 7

Self-Hypnosis for Weight loss – Practice Exercise

Step 6 – Back again.

When your ready to come back out of trance, find yourself at the bottom of those stairs again and climb them from 1 to 10, remembering to tell yourself how you’ll feel when you reach the top and then open your eyes.


Step 7  – Stretch

Stretch– it feels good! and  you’re alert.


How to use self-hypnosis for weight loss

Hypnosis can help you with your goals to eat more healthily and exercise more. It’s a wonderful way to relax and reduce stress hormones which can make you gain stubborn fat. I hope you’ll enjoy the simple self-hypnosis practice.  Use it regularly and your relaxation, results and resolve will only get stronger and stronger.



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