Ego – Get Out of Your Own Way

Ego-Get Out of Your Own Way


Ego-Get Out of Your Own Way. Our ego’s, when left unchecked can get us into difficult and unhappy situations. We can be over confident or very vulnerable to slights. A healthy ego, with just the right amount of self-esteem helps keep us in check. Finding a balance leads to a happier life.


 Our Ego in psychology terms is the go between, the mediator between our internal state and how we interact with the world.


What irks us in others is sometimes a trait we have, even if we’re blind to it.


A healthy ego also gives us healthy boundaries. It may not be personal but you know when someone has overstepped the mark and you need to signal “whoah there”.


The great thing about a balanced ego is it gives you the space and time to react from your intellectual mind without taking on distorting emotions.


The mindset of learning to love yourself without overestimating yourself, is a powerful tool.

Ego-Get Out of Your Own Way

Ego-Get out of you own way


1. Be honest with yourself.

Want to learn and grow? Then learn to see yourself accurately and become self-aware. No one can know you better than you.


Connect to the Real You with 10 Questions (



2. Learn to listen well.

Does feedback make you defensive? Look for what could be useful while being mindful of the source.

Listening for a Lighter Life – 6 Tips (


3. Say goodbye to your comfort zone.

If your ego goes unchallenged you might believe your king of the world. A very small world. By expanding your horizons, you can learn new skills and challenge your ways of thinking. It can be liberating and make you feel alive.

Ego-Get out of you own way

4. Live an authentic life.

Don’t compare someone’s Instagram highlights to your everyday life! Become the best version of yourself and bloom regardless of what the flower next to you.

Live an Authentic Life (


5. Build self-esteem.

True confidence isn’t the same as arrogance. Arrogance can come from feeling superior/ insecurity and will push people away. Getting to know yourself better, realizing what your goals are and setting out to reach them will help build healthy self- esteem.


Ego-Get out of you own way

6. Relax

Hypnotherapy gives me clarity and helps me maintain balance. That’s one of the reasons that motivates me to share it with others. There are many ways to find that balance and you may resonate with meditation/ hypnosis/ martial arts/ mindfulness / stand up comedy or something completely different.

7. Focus on others,

some of the time. Take the spotlight off yourself and realize there’s a great big world happening all around you. Helping others will help you get perspective on what is going on inside you.

ego-get out of your own way

Dealing with Ego in Others:


1.Remain calm.

Stating and enforcing your boundaries carry’s much more weight when you are calm and less reactive that the person you perceive to be slighting you.

As I said earlier remember that their behavior is nothing personal. We cannot control how others see us. Everyone experiences the world through their own distorted lens. You could be at your lowest ebb, perhaps you’re grieving and struggling to put one foot in front of the other and you have to work. While trying to compose yourself in the bathroom. You hear a workmate say – “she’s probably busy admiring at herself in the mirror”.  In turn we can often be wrong about others, their thoughts and motivations. So, there is a lot of wisdom in the cliché don’t take it personally.



2.Keep it Clean!

 Ahem, when dealing with a big ego, remain calm and stick to the point. This will help you communicate clearly and avoid emotional fallout. There can be irritation on both sides. But don’t let this blind you to being coerced. Stand up for yourself. In a calm manner of course!


3.Handle with care.

Someone with a fragile ego will respond to your improved listening skills and validation but choose how much time you will spend lifting them up if they drain your energy. You can give them the baton and they can choose to run with it, no piggy backs!


ego-get out of your own way

Ego-Get Out of Your Own Way


The mindset of learning to love yourself without overestimating yourself, is a powerful tool. A big ego can seem like a strength but it leads to unhappiness as much as lack of self-esteem can lead to not having or enforcing boundaries.  A balanced ego helps you Ego-Get Out of Your Own Way and become a happier and more productive member of society.

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