Improve Your Memory

Improve Your Memory


Improve Your Memory. Memory matters. Memory is a constant process as we move through our present, we’re gathering information and referring to lessons learned in the past. It helps us understand what’s happening and what’s likely to happen and what the consequences of our actions are likely to be. But an overloaded mind tends to react rather than act in our best interests. It can be good to forget and free up space in our minds.

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Why We Forget

If you aren’t giving something your full attention then it stands to reason that you will have a harder time remembering the details about it.

If you’re distracted, you’ll not be able to recall where you left your car keys, or sometimes where you parked the car! It can be an understandable side effect of fatigue, stress, or multitasking.



It’ Not Age Related

So called “senior moments” happen throughout life- but partly due to ageism we tend to label them unhelpfully.

If you’re worried about how often or intense, your memory lapses seem to be then do think about getting friends/ family to monitor your situation and consult with your doctor.


How We Learn


Recent research suggests it’s a dual process. Routine thought processes, unconscious (our automatic responses) and the conscious problem-solving part.  Like learning to drive, at first, we are conscious and hopefully highly alert to every movement we have to make, over time it becomes a learned routine. You’re unconscious remains in the driving seat and alerts you to anything unusual.


Routine will put you into automatic mode and can lead you to not really taking things Novelty is our memory’s friend. By learning something new we can occupy the conscious mind, by giving it a focus. Being active in this way allows your memory to flex its muscles and decrease brain fog.


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Improve Your Memory

Improve Your Memory



Make lists/ notes or on paper or your phone. Journaling will also help. Don’t add to the stress of forgetfulness by stressing about it! Once the stuff is down on paper / electronically stored. Your conscious brain is “freed up”. We can only consciously process around 7 bits of information at a time and if your overloaded the whole system can start to malfunction.

Your unconscious mind is a store house. The clearer your waking state the easier it is to instinctively draw on useful memories. Hypnotherapy excels at making this process easier.

Improve Your Memory

In contrast over using technology to capture memories can disassociate you from actually living in the moment. I bet you find it easy to remember happy events from the past vividly if they involved any or all of your 5 senses. taste, smell, sight, sound or touch/ feeling. I remember a bright sunny day when I was 6 happily sitting in the sunshine with my sister at the step outside our block of flats, drinking pineapple lemonade. Neither the lemonade or the sunshine where a common occurrence! 😊 What you see and how you feel about experiences, as they happen, are key when it comes to remembering. Hypnotherapy also works to dispel vivid but unpleasant experiences by replaying them while you are safely observing them and removing the emotional sting.


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Improve Your Memory

Improve Your Memory


When you give yourself permission to forget what it’s not useful to remember you are freeing yourself up to enjoy/ learn/ grow from what is happening now.. By using everyday lists/ notes you can free up your mind to, feeling more alive and involved in life and find solutions and aspirations that work for and inspire you to explore new challenges. By calming your conscious mind, you just might be able to hear the whispers of your wise unconscious mind.






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