7 ways to deal with a job you don’t like

7 Ways to Deal With a Job You Don’t Like

The following are my 7 Ways to Deal With a Job You Don’t Like. It’s true that those of us lucky enough to have made it through the pandemic this far and remained employed have a lot to be thankful for. Whether you are a key worker  or have been able to work remotely, things are changing and taking a step back into “normal”. If you’re reading this then the old normal just isn’t going to cut it anymore. You only live once so why not consider making yourself (and those around you) happier and healthier?

Is Work Hell?

We’ve almost all been there haven’t we? Working a job we just can’t stand. It might be the job itself, the environment, or something else. One or more things that irk or irritate you or even drive you up the walls. Do you work with/ for  “difficult” people?  You might like to read:

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Well here are some tips on dealing with a job you don’t like. Can you pull it back from the brink?



7 ways to deal with a job you don’t like –

7 Ways to Deal With a Job You Don't Like

1. Weigh up the good and the bad. What’s good about your job? What can you be grateful for? Security, pay, some great co-worker’s? What don’t you like? Can what you don’t like be fixed? Help avoid the same issues in the your next job  (yes I went there!)

2. Change what you can. You might be able to alter your hours or move to a different location. Changing what you can means your not a victim of circumstance and will boost your self-confidence.


3. Make the most of your time away from work.

Do what you love. Allow yourself to be happy even when things aren’t perfect. Spend time with your friends and family. What have you always dreamt of doing?  It might be a great time to start an online business or write a book! “If you don’t have a dream, how you gonna make a dream come true?” This will make point 4. much easier….

4. Relax  Do your work and keep your thoughts under control. Hypnotherapy is just one great way to change self-talk and keep things in perspective. Be kind to yourself.

5. Build on Your Skills. Your skills and experience will help you to cope/ move up/ on/ out or in a completely different direction altogether (see point  3!). 

7 ways to deal with a job you don't like

6.Thinking of quitting?

We all know it’s true that “its easier to get a job when you have a job”. If you can, wait it out. Choose to move towards something better. 


7. Plan how you are going to leave.

List your options. List and all the things you’d want in a job. Where can you get career advice from? Do you have network you can turn to/join? What jobs interest you? Take action. Start applying.


Dealing with a Job you don’t Like

Decide what you do and don’t like about your job. Change what you can. List the skills you’ve learnt and keep learning. Look for and act on what you do want. Wait it out, avoid quitting until you have another job. Get perspective. Enjoy life outside work as much as you can. Move in this way and you’ll soon be in a better place or a better job!


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