You Can Change

You Can change

You can change. If you believe change is possible. There is theory in psychology that there is no fixed you. The debate of nature vs nurture, whether our genes or our environment, make us who we are has been extensively researched. It’s been established that ….

5 Easy Ways to Improve Mental Clarity

5 Easy Ways to Improve Mental Clarity

Mental clarity will help you focus on what is important and make it easier to make the right decisions at the right time. There’s a lot going on in the world and our day to day lives, choosing what and who we engage with helps us gain mental clarity and peace of mind. These 5 tips will help.

Breaking Out of a Rut – 8 Tips

Breaking Out of a Rut – 8 Tips

Breaking Out of a Rut – 8 Tips

Changing our perspective by challenging and changing our thoughts is an effective way to open our eyes to new opportunities and approaches. Taking on some or all of these suggestions might help you break unhelpful patterns of thinking and behaviour and breaking out of that rut!

Affirmations & Wellbeing

Affirmations & Wellbeing

Affirmations can be a simple way to make a positive impact on our mood and wellbeing. Our brains or thoughts aren’t set in stone, neuroplasticity means our brains have the ability to change. How we think about and talk to ourselves has a big impact on our body and mind so why not give ourselves the chance to thrive?

Create the Life You Love – 7 Tips 1

Create the Life You Love – 7 Tips

Create the Life You Love – 7 Tips .When we talk about creating the life you love we are thinking about happiness. Small changes can make a big difference. Life can’t be all sunshine and lollipops but learning to let go, roll with the punches, decide what you do want and having faith in yourself will help you weather the storms, fall and stay in love with your life.

7 ways to Make your Resolutions Stick

7 ways to Make your Resolutions Stick

7 ways to Make your Resolutions Stick. Resolutions are acts self-care. No matter what you’ve decided you want to change it will mean you’re going to be looking after: your mental/ physical / spiritual self. I hope you find some or all of the following tips helpful.

Believe in Your Success

Believe in your success. There’s no doubt that seeing ourselves as unsuccessful or caught in an inescapable loop can become a self-fulfilling prophecy. The opposite of this a delusional belief that we are just going to be rewarded with no effort or drive or plan. This post is about the middle ground. Hitting the sweet spot where you can actively work towards your success.

Live an Authentic Life (2)

Live an Authentic Life

Live an Authentic Life. When what you think, say and do is in harmony. You have a sense of ease. You find there’s more to smile and feel happy about. You let in the good stuff and feel more comfortable and easier about saying no to the bad. Life is simpler.

5 Ways to Make Time

5 Ways to Make Time. With our time travelling minds. We can go anywhere at any time. Thoughts of the past, dreams of the future and those daydream times. This post is about how to slow down on all that jumping and the distress it can cause and get more out of our present.

The power of letting go

The Power of Letting Go

The power of letting go. How Letting go of negativity in your mind and body leads to thriving and 10 Ways to let the sunshine in.

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