Insomnia and anxiety

I was having problems with insomnia and anxiety which was affecting my driving. Janet really helped me. I found her hypnotherapy professional, intelligent, kind and effective. Mellissa

“Feeling Stuck”

Janet has such a lovely soothing voice and  a lovely way of working. Her work has a gentle pace but is very powerful. It helped me be open to change, to focus more on gratitude and focus on solutions. I really recommend her.    


My life was a mess as I was always tired and running on ridiculously low energy due to lack of sleep. Over the years I built up some weird anxiety regarding my sleep time, to the point I was actually afraid going to bed. Someone recommended Janet to me. I was very open minded and …

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Seeing Janet has helped me cope with my social anxiety. At first I could only face Skype sessions. I feel so much better about going out of the house now. Hypnotherapy has made such a difference to my life.

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