Create your best reality.

  •  We often think how we perceive reality is the truth. But what we see,hear, think and feel merge and act as a lens on life.


This grubby lens influences what we focus on, remember, interpret, judge and act on. How does the above image make you feel? What do you see? Or if music was playing over it what would it be?

What we experience can be influenced by our past, prior knowledge, emotions, prejudgements and even the level of stress we are under at any given time. Affecting the way we think about and relate to the world.


3 Distorted thinking patterns that can lead to low mood. 

  • “It’s all about me” or Taking things personally. This is self-blame and negative self-talk. “I’m sure he’s mad because i didn’t smile.” instead of thinking of the many other reasons that your co-worker has to be angry. You will rarely be at the top of this list.


  • “This is forever” or  Pervasive thinking  – If say you lose a job and think “i’ll never work again.” as opposed to “I’ll wait and see what other opportunities open up.”


  • Permanent or Catastrophic thinking. If say you lost out on a dream car. then this type of thinking says “i’ll never be happy again, this is just the way my life goes and i don’t have the right to be happy. Everything is lost and hopeless. ” you have the choice to say “This was a big deal and it hurts because it mattered. But there will be other cars.”


Modern Screen Culture

This takes us another step back from true reality. The amount of screen time / videoing/ and posting and probably most destructive of all reading other peoples life posts. All tlends to the idea of  life happening at a distance. Somewhere “out there”. The irony that you are reading this on screen is not lost on me. But it is possible to use technology for good.

You’ve heard that old saying “If a tree falls in the woods and no one is around to hear it.  does it make a sound?”


“If you’ve been out and had a good time and no one posts about it. Does it matter?”


Hypnotherapy helps you  think clearly

It perfects that lens, cleans it, wrinkles out the warps and scratches. It disappears all those distractions that ruin your focus. It gets your subconscious mind onboard. When you can rely on your instinctive voice you can control what you allow to affect you.

You are the CEO of your own mind.

The image below is unaltered. Isn’t it easier to navigate?  You can take the clear information on board and decide what is relevant to you. In a calm and peaceful state of mind.

Isn’t that worth trying? the choice is yours.




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